2 Ingredients: Ken’s No Fail Pancakes

No Fail Pancakes
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Six heaped tablespoons of flour. 350ml milk.

Say it again.

Six heaped tablespoons of flour. 350ml milk.

Today is Pancake Tuesday / Shrove Tuesday. If you’re shy on ingredients, out of eggs, haven’t a clue how to make pancakes – whatever the case may be – if you can manage these two ingredients you’re laughing.

The Nitty Gritty

Add six heaped tablespoons of flour (plain flour or tritamyl if you’re going the gluten-free route) to a bowl, top up with 350ml milk and beat or whisk until you’ve got a fine pancake batter. Some people reckon you can’t make pancakes without eggs, I beg to differ.

Ken's No Fail 2 Ingredient Pancakes

Ken’s No Fail 2 Ingredient Pancakes

Get your pancake pan (flat based frying pan) up good and hot adding a little oil or butter if you like but if your mix is done right and your pan good enough, you won’t need it. Pour enough of the mix onto the pan for your preferred pancake size, letting it cook to the point with the mix visible on top starts to recede, bubble and dry. Then it’s time to flip, usual a spatula or some of your acrobatic pancake flipping skills you may have.

A minute either side should be more than enough on a high heat though this can vary depending on the flour used and how thick your pancake batter is – let the colour of your pancake dictate things, go for the golden colour as opposed to deep brown.

Can’t Eat It All

The mix should make about 8 reasonably sized pancakes but if you can’t eat them all in one sitting, don’t cook them all. Just cook what you want from the batter, store the rest in the fridge until later and crack them open again this evening.

Pancake Toppings

If you’re in the mood for toppings, go nuts. My preference for the day that’s in it is some cinnamon (sprinkle it into the batter), some nutmeg, some Highbank Orchard Syrup or, go a little fancy and try some raspberry jam and coconut in there too.


Written by Ken McGuire

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