3rd Annual Soup And Sandwich Festival

Toasted Special and a Bowl of Soup in Cleere's

Toasted Special and a Bowl of Soup in Cleere’s, Kilkenny.

OK, so it’s not really a festival (though, I wouldn’t argue against it appearing on the calendar). But, if I’m right, this is the third year that Cleere‘s in Kilkenny will be rocking their awesome soups and sandwiches for the Kilkenny Arts Festival.

It was originally intended as a short-term affair, maybe for a summer. Then it continued through the winter, now three years later, there’s five or six daily soups or stewps (you just have to ask), your choice of any sandwich combination on fresh cut brown or white local breads and now the recent addition of a raw energy salad with chicken for the meat eaters or halloumi for the vegetarians.

No word of a lie, it’s one of my favourite places in town (if not favourite) for the soup and sandwich combo. I may just have to run a tab for the next fortnight.

A sandwich (any bread, any amount of toppings) runs €3.95; similar for the soup, or get the full combo for around €9 with a tea or coffee in the mix as well. Hearty, wholesome, and with the free wifi it’s a grand place to get some afternoon work done at the same time.

If you’re hitting Kilkenny for the Kilkenny Arts Festival, which runs between August 9th and 18th, or if you’re hitting Kilkenny at any time and in the mood for a sandwich, soup or salad and a dose of good pub atmosphere, then make your way to Parliament Street and drop into no. 28. If you’re passing by in the evening, you’ve also the possibility of nabbing a pizza when the sandwiches are off the menu.

Odds are you’ll find me having lunch there most days next week.

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  • Stephanie Francis

    See, another reason to move!

  • http://anygivenfood.com/ Ken McGuire

    Absolutely. All time soup, sandwiches, salads and banter on tap, all year round. Sure where else would you get it?