A Night With Tipperary Food Producers

Brownes Soup
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Brownes Soup

Brownes Soup at Tipperary Food Producers night

I came, I saw, I walked away having put faces to food bloggers, chatted with Tipperary-based food producers, picked up some food bits and bobs, dined on cocktail sausages and fantastic canapés made from local produce and bought Pat Whelan’s new book which as of this morning anyway is still in it’s wrapping, wax sealed and all.

If last night showed anything, there’s tremendous support for local food and food producers in Tipperary north and south. I traveled to Clonmel last night with Mag Kirwan Keith Bohanna and Jackie Hoyne , arriving just before 7:15pm to find hundreds of people already in the door ahead of us making the best of the wine and canapés on offer. As mentioned yesterday, part of the reason for the trip was being on the Twitter panel organised for the night (see the #tippfood feed) and thanks again to Pat for the invite.

No doubt there’s going to be loads of posts and more coverage doing the rounds from last night so I’ll sum things up in brief and leave you with some videos from last night picked up on the phone.

  • It was a great night – the producers on the stalls in “Food Alley” were open, engaging and really passionate about their product
  • I walked away with some Cooleeney Darú cheese and it’s great, gotta get some crackers for lunchtime.
  • I’ve got to thank Sarah from Brownes Soup for the Tomato soup. After chatting ingredients and gluten free options, it turned out she’s got a dairy-free option as well in their tomato soup so she popped one in a bag for me to take home for herself.
  • The Twitter Panel were well looked after. Robert Harris had things done nicely on the ground, all of us welcomed to a separate area on arrival for tea, coffee, hot food and a chance to mingle and introduce ourselves before being shown to tables reserved at the back of the main room. Wifi was plentiful, albeit a bit hit-and-miss in the lobby. Coverage in the main room was no problem even with the sheer amount of bloggers, Twitter heads and students hammering the wifi.
  • The dishes prepared sent smells to make a man weak with hunger down the back of the room but the coverage of those dishes (from a production standpoint) was really good. Two big screens, more than ample lighting for the stage, clear sound front of house at a good volume, multi-camera set up with great closeups meant everyone could see that action on stage regardless of where you were sitting or standing in the main room.
  • The event was a sellout, with demand for tickets seemingly able to drive it for two or three nights, meaning it could or should get bigger again for next year. I had heard 400 as the number being touted for attendance and it certainly looked it.

Congratulations to all of those involved in putting together last night’s extravaganza. It’s a testament to the growth of and support for local produce in Tipperary and hopefully we’ll see it taking place again next year. Great also to put faces to @Bibliocook, @HeyPestoIE, @QueenOfPots, @derryo and to meet for the first time Roger Overall, Paul O’Mahony, Brian Cleary and everyone else I found myself chatting to over the course of the night!

Photos and More Photos

I’ve added some photos to Flickr and Facebook from last night. Check them out here and here.

Qik Videos From The Night

I’v opened a new account on Qik just for foodie related videos (or anything to do with coverage for the blog). The clips below were automatically posted to YouTube though the quality looks reduced. Check out the higher quality vesions here.

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