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That's me, Ken McGuire, author of Any Given Food

That’s me, Ken McGuire, author of Any Given Food

That’s me on the right looking all business and shirty like. I’m Ken McGuire, I reside with Mrs. Any Given Food and two cracked but loveable hounds in Kilkenny, Ireland, and I’m pure passionate about all things food. I own too many cookbooks, have way too many spices in the press, have a silly amount of knives and kitchen utensils and not enough at the same time. Oh, and I photograph pretty much everything I (and people around me) eat. It’s that last point that turned me to start Any Given Food back in October 2010.

I’ve always had an interest in cooking and experimenting in the kitchen and if I’m not in the office, at the theatre or on air, then that’s likely where you’re going to find me.

Any Given Food, for me, is a way of keeping track of all I do around food – prepping recipes and dishes, checking out food events and festivals, meeting food producers, catching up on food books, hitting restaurants and cafes, shooting videos and recording podcasts for iTunes.

I do a lot, but I love every second of it, especially meeting the people behind the food – the producers, the makers and bakers, brewers and restauranteurs, cooks, chefs, advertisers – those that bring the end product to the table and have a story to tell in getting it there.

Professionally, my work life began as a web designer back in 2005, Multimedia degree in hand, but these days I find ‘digital media specialist’ sums up what I do in a world where web design, print design, audio and video production all collide on a regular basis.

If radio is your thing, you can hear me Tuesday’s at 8pm on KCLR96fm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays as part of The Way It Is lineup on KCLR where I’ve been presenting the station’s arts coverage since 2012. As a regular contributer to radio over the years, I took to podcasting back in 2006. In May 2014 I decided to kick off the Any Given Food podcasts, the first of which you’ll find here. I’ve produced a few hundred podcasts over the years and picked up some nice glassware for my efforts along the way so hopefully the new food series will grow in 2014. If you’ve got a story to share or event to talk about, then why not drop me a line and we’ll set up a chat?

You can follow me on Twitter via @anygivenfood, watch videos on the Any Given Food YouTube channel, catch links and updates on the Any Given Food Facebook page, see what I’ve been eating over at Foodspotting and Instagram or what I’ve been putting an eye on over at Pinterest. From May 2014, if you’re Google+ inclined, you’ll find a shiny new Any Given Food Google+ page here. It’s that, or nip here to send me an email (if you’re sending something by post, check the footer for the office address).