Tayto Sandwiches at 37,000 Feet? Yes, please.

The Tayto sandwich crisp pack available on Aer Lingus flights.
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Yes, you can have a Tayto sandwich at 37,000 feet, complete with fresh white bread and Kerrygold butter.

Granted, it’s likely been on the Aer Lingus Bia menu for an age, but it’s equally been a while since I’ve had cause to fly with the national carrier so spotting it on the menu on the way back from Dubrovnik this morning, it couldn’t be passed up.

Those who know me well, particularly those I meet around Christmas time will know that Tayto sandwiches are held in incredibly high regard at Chez McGuire. I remember putting it briefly to Ivan Yates  on Newstalk Breakfast one morning as a Christmas ritual to near shock, but a ritual it most certainly is.

The past two Christmasses presenting the Christmas Day breakfast show with herself have also kicked off with crisp sandwiches.

The Tayto sandwich crisp pack available on Aer Lingus flights.

The Tayto sandwich crisp pack available on Aer Lingus flights.

Tayto cheese and onion, fresh bread, butter. You butter the two slices, add *almost* the whole 37g bag of crisps and go for it.

Somewhat surprisingly, it was all so fresh. Good crisps, two plain white slices sealed fresh, the Kerrygold portions a little on the soft side, just as they should be. Don’t even try make a crisp sandwich with fresh, hard butter from the fridge.

Bottom line is, you can have a Tayto crisp sandwich when cruising at 37,000 feet, looking out the window somewhere over mainland Europe, doing a ground speed of just shy of 900kmp/h, and you’ll enjoy every single bite.

Whatever about the pre-packaged sandwiches that are sold on inflight menus, there’s nothing quite like being able to make your favourite sandwich, just as you like it, just when you want it.

By the way, it’ll set you back €4 but it’s worth every cent. 

Written by Ken McGuire

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