Belfast Wine Festival August 29th

Belfast Wine Festival
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Belfast Wine Festival

Belfast Wine Festival - August 29th at St. George's Market

With so many food events taking place around the south of the country, it’s easy to overlook those that take place in the north of the country, one such event being the first ever Belfast Wine Festival that takes place this coming Monday (UK bank holiday). The day long event at St. George’s Market is “a new exciting experience for people in Northern Ireland who have an interest in wine and want to finely tune their tasting abilities and uncover some previously untried varieties. Taking place in St Georges Market, the Belfast Wine Festival promises to be a unique day out, with the opportunity to learn more about the drink you love!”

While the core focus is on wine, food doesn’t get left out.

We will have food available to buy from all the major wine producing countries, from Australian and Argentinean to Italian and Spanish you will have to opportunity to have a glass of wine to match perfectly with you choice of food. We have carefully selected local producers and chefs that will be offering a wide selection of global treats. From paella to local cheese you will not be disappointed.

Day tickets vary from £15 to £55 (the latter including a 3-course dinner, guides, keepsakes) and can be bought at You’ll also find Belfast Wine Festival on Facebook.

Written by Ken McGuire

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