Where To Buy Tassimo Discs In Ireland

Tassimo Discs
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It’s been a few months now since the Tassimo hot beverage machine landed in the office. It’s called a ‘hot beverage machine’ as it’s not strictly coffee – you’ve got teas, chocolates, and it can also do cold drinks.

In being the helpful elf that I am sometimes, and in paying more attention to the searches that are bringing people to the blog, one of the more popular ones has been asking where to buy Tassimo discs or Tassimo pods in Ireland. Reading some of the broadsheets towards the end of November / earlier this month, I’m guessing a few people either picked them up in some of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales (spotted them as low as under 60 quid) or they’re on the list for Christmas as an affordable option for hot drinks in the kitchen.

So, I’ve put together a list of a few outlets here, which may be of use to you. You can always check Tassimo.ie and punch your address or town in their Store Locator to see what options are nearby. Keep in mind that some places will still sell the machines, but no discs, the below listings (as of 9 December 2013) I’m reliably informed do stock the discs.

Shops That Stock Tassimo Discs / Pods In Ireland


  • Dunnes Stores, St. Kieran’s Street, Kilkenny


  • Harvey Norman, Eastgate Retail Park, Castlewood
  • Tesco, Lavits Quay
  • Dunnes, Blackpool
  • Tesco, Douglas Village
  • Pretty much any other Tesco or Dunnes in Cork


  • Pretty much any Dunnes or Tesco in Dublin (city centre or otherwise), there’s 26 to choose from.


  • Tesco,Ardkeen
  • DID Electrical, Ardkeen
  • Harvey Norman, Butlerstown Retail Park


  • Tesco (University Road and Oranmore Town Centre)
  • Dunnes (Briarhill, Terryland and Knocknacarra)


  • Tesco (Arthurs Quay, Roxboro, Coonagh Cross)
  • Dunnes (Jetland, Childers Road)
  • Harvey Norman (City East Retail Park)

Be sure to check / cross reference this by no-means-extensive list with the Store Locator on Tassimo.ie. You can also see what I thought of the Tassimo T42 here.

Order T Discs Online

If a trip to Tesco / Harvey Norman / Dunnes or DID doesn’t suit you, you can also find the T Discs online. You can pick them up on DiscountCoffee.ie, Tassimo.co.uk and Amazon.co.uk.

Written by Ken McGuire

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