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Foodspotting: Dishes Spotted In March

March was a relatively Kilkenny-focused month for food visits though the bulk cooking to took off at the start of the month meant less of trips out for lunch and dinner. You can follow me on my Foodspotting adventures over here.

Here’s a look at some of the dishes spotted locally last month.

Nut Loaf at Chapter House Tea Rooms

Nut Loaf at Chapter House Tea Rooms

There was the nutloaf at the Chapter House Tea Rooms; a really tasty (and gluten free) lunch option. Continue Reading →

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Foodspotting In October

Crispy Chorizo Salad

I’ve had this post sitting in drafts since the start of month, and now that I’m at the end of the month, I realise I’ve uploaded only a single photo to so it’s a single photo that you get. November, thankfully, will be a little bit different juding by the way the diary is stacking up.

So, what you’ve got here is a very tasty crispy chorizo salad taken from the lunch menu at Langton’s Tea & Wine Rooms on John Street in Kilkenny. It’s served with feta cheese, tomato, walnut and rocket topped with a balsamic dressing.

It rings in under a tenner and is a fierce sizeable lunch; I can’t guarantee it’s on the menu every lunch time during the week but if it is, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s to taking a hell of a lot more photos in November.

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Foodspotting In September

I keep taking the photos but must really remember to keep getting them up on Foodspotting! This month had a few highlight dishes, in particular given the four days spent at the Waterford Harvest Festival. No doubt the end of October will be fairly well stacked with shots from the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival. Here’s a few dishes that came across the table in the past month. You’ll find loads more here.

Spinach, Walnut & Ricotta Canelloni @ Marble City Bar and Tea Rooms

Spinach, Walnut & Ricotta Canelloni @ Marble City Bar and Tea Rooms in Kilkenny. Absolutely delicious, on the lunch menu, portion is big enough for two. Rings in around the ten Euro mark for lunch but it’s a big meal at the height of the day.

Confit Duck

Confit Duck at L’Atmosphere, a French bistro in Waterford. Though not too clearly advertised, you can get a combo starter and main course lunch (which includes the duck) for just €15. Money well spent on what was a tender, filling dish.

Kiwi & Berry Custard Tartlet

The Bishops Palace Café in Waterford boasts no fewer than six pastry chefs in the kitchen with a fine array of desserts made daily on site, this one is the pick of the bunch for me and I’m not that much of a custard lover either. Keep an eye out for it if you make it there.

Venison Tartare

Not long in business, Elda Wild produce wild venison and this Venison Tartare taster at Bodega’s Tapini & Beer night during the Waterford Harvest Festival was enough to get me hooked. I wound up going home with a few venison sausages and burgers and hopefully get to catch up with Jason again at Savour Kilkenny at the end of October.

You can follow me here on for more food photos. If you’re already using the app and we haven’t connected, give me a shout.

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Foodspotting In August

Foodspotting In August 2012

AUGUST COMES, August goes. Between the Kilkenny Arts Festival and Out For The Weekend, it’s been a pretty hectic past few weeks but a good one when it comes to food. Here’s a few nibbles spotted around Kilkenny this month.

Raspberry tartlet at Kilkenny Design Centre

Raspberry tartlet at Kilkenny Design Centre

Potato, Chorizo & Green Chilli at The Grapevine

Potato, Chorizo & Green Chilli at The Grapevine

Goats Cheese Tartlets at Beaujolais

Goats Cheese Tartlets at Beaujolais

Lemon Meringue at Kilkenny Design Centre

Lemon Meringue at Kilkenny Design Centre

French Toast & Bacon at The Grapevine

French Toast & Bacon at The Grapevine

Beaujolais Platter

Beaujolais Platter at Beaujolais

You’ll find these photos and more on

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Foodspotting In July

Foodspotting In July

THE SUMMER isn’t long in flying really. The past month for me has largely been consumed by Devious Theatre‘s Night Of The Living Dead but there was still time to grab a few shots, primarily from eating out between shows and rehearsals in Kilkenny.

Cheese Board at Beaujolais

Cheese Board at Beaujolais

Vegetable Cream Cheese Roulade at Avoca Handweavers

Vegetable Cream Cheese Roulade at Avoca Handweaver’s (Wicklow)

Braised Lamb Shank at Key Largo, Kilkenny

Braised Lamb Shank at Key Largo, Kilkenny

Lemon Cheesecake at Avoca Handweavers

Lemon Cheesecake at Avoca Handweavers

Mediterranean Chicken Skewers at Key Largo

Mediterranean Chicken Skewers at Key Largo

These photos and more from July you’ll find over at

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Foodspotting In February

Golden Fried Scampi

In keeping up with last month’s foodspotting roundup for January, here’s a look at some of the dishes I’ve been enjoying at various eateries this past month. You can follow me on here.

The Golden Fried Scampi Supreme (above) has to be one of the nicest scampi offerings in Kilkenny. The portion is very sizeable, accompanied by your choice of fries or potato/veg combo if you prefer and a small side salad. I reckon 8/10 times I’m in the Club House, I’m going for the scampi – despite their rather extensive bar menu.

Pork & Chicken Terrine

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect with this one, but it was quite a tasty combination, served a little chilled and running up at €8.95 on the lunch menu at Kilkenny Design Centre’s Food Hall. Again, the portion size (or slice) is more than enough for one person for lunch and comes with a choice of two side options, in my case going for some mixed leaves and coleslaw. The terrine is part of a new menu that’s been developed for the Food Hall with assistance from Edward Hayden.

Malaysian Lamb Curry Rendang

At €21.50, I feel the Malaysian Lamb Curry Rendang at Yindees Downtown is a little overpriced as a main course in town on a Friday night but I’m a sucker for a good curry and this is definitely one of them. The lamb is slow cooked, the sauce has a lovely thick consistency to it, driven by lemongrass, galangal, lime leaves and coconut milk, served with a separate dish of gorgeous sticky steamed rice. The Yindees menu also boasts a number of gluten-free dishes though the kitchen itself isn’t a gluten-free kitchen.

Pan Fried Lavistown Sausage

You’ll find the Pan Fried Lightly Spiced Lavistown Sausage on the lunchtime menu at Cafe Sol on William Street, Kilkenny. The the sausages produced locally, this is a divine dish, perfect at any time of year. The sausages are served on a bed of spinach mash with confit tomato and roast root vegetables to match. It’s the second time in three months that I’ve had the dish and it was just as good this time around.

Cornucopia Quiche

This quiche in Cornucopia on Wicklow Street, Dublin last week was the business, as the fella says, at lunchtime. I’d only ever eaten there for breakfast so to sample some of the lunch offerings was a treat. I’m thinking it involved broccoli, couscous and a malaysian salad with walnuts, though I could be mistaken.

Tomato & Mozarella Tartlet

The Tomato & Mozarella Tart at the Kilkenny Design Centre (upstairs restaurant) is a lovely option for vegetarians seeking a hot lunch around Kilkenny Castle. Selection will vary from day to day.

The Vegas Burger

Fast food wasn’t too high on the agenda this month but I’ve got to include the Vegas burger here as a highlight over the month. As burgers go, it’s got everything. The burger itself is stuffed with cheese and topped with smoky bacon, fresh red onion, rollo lettuce, more cheese, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, taco sauce in a kaiser bun with a pickle on top. Oh so good.

Afternoon Tea at Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel

Last, but by no means least, comes the afternoon tea offering at the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel. Admittedly, I didn’t indulge as having the time for afternoon tea would be a minor miracle but it does look tempting!

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Foodspotting in January

One of the topics in my ever expanding food notebook to cover here on the blog is a look at what I’ve been spotting month to month. January, amongst a myriad of things, was actually a quiet enough month for the photos that were published, but here’s a few things that might make you hungry…

Breakfast at The Fig Tree

Breakfast at The Fig Tree in Kilkenny.

Many an important decision has been made for The Devious Theatre Company over breakfast, and we made some major 2012 decisions for the theatre company over breakfast at The Fig Tree in Kilkenny this month. Formerly known as Esquires, we were fans of the old regime’s vegetarian breakfasts but opted for The Full Irish here first to see how they stack up to the competition. Turns out they stack up pretty well.

Hazelnut Latte

Hazelnut Latte at Mugshot in Kilkenny

If you’re looking for coffee and WiFi to work by, Mugshot Café on James’ Street is a good bet and that’s where you’ll find this Hazelnut Latte. They’ve also recently opened a new premises on the far side of town and they’re going to be expanding their operations at James’ Street in the not-too-distant future.

Lemon Squares at Mugshot Café

Lemon Squares at Mugshot Café in Kilkenny

Along with the coffee above, you’ll also find these Lemon Squares at Mugshot. They’re gluten free and they’re fantastic. Honestly. They’re definitely not available every day of the week but if they were, you’ll likely see me beating a path to their door Monday to Friday.

Pizza Connection at the Italian Connection

Pizza Connection at the Italian Connection in Kilkenny

The first of two pizza options, the Pizza Connection is without doubt my favourite pizza in Kilkenny, available at The Italian Connection on Parliament Street. On their early bird menu you’ll get it for €10, usually around the €13 or €14 mark outside of early bird hours. Parma ham, fresh rocket, extra garlic… it’s just too good.

Vegetable Pizza at Italian Connection in Kilkenny

Vegetable Pizza at Italian Connection in Kilkenny

Of course, if you’re vegetarian, then you’ll need to be checking out their vegetable pizza. 12″ is pretty much the standard, made fresh, made to order, definitely enough in it for two people or a really ravenous single serving.

As part of a new series for the blog, I’ll be doing a Foodspotting / food photo summary at the end of each month where something new or tasty catches my eye. You can also follow me on

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