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Sunday Reads: 30 March 2014

March has all but come and gone, we’re a quarter the way through the year, and summer time (at least in terms of how the clocks go anyway) has officially started.

Late in the day and all as it is – let’s just call this the late edition – here’s a selection of reads you may have missed this past week from other Irish and international food bloggers and writers.

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Any Given Food’s Sunday Reads: 23 March 2014

The Sunday morning coffee has been had, there’s a few miles done on the bike, the sun is out splitting the stones (for the moment anyway) and breakfast is working away on the oven is done and dusted. It also means there’s another week over and a new one about to begin. If you’re looking for something to read over your own Sunday breakfast, get the kettle on and take in these ten posts from other Irish and international food bloggers with a smattering of food media in the mix.

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Sunday Reads: March 16 2014

It’s the bank holiday weekend, Ireland will be covered in all manner of green things from tomorrow but if you’re taking ten or fifteen minutes out for yourself on the first long weekend of the year, here’s ten posts from other food bloggers and food media that you may have missed this past week.

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Sunday Reads #8: Frugal Food, Fancy Buns & Craft Beer

The week was going so well right up to the point where the wisdom teeth and modern forms of torture that it brings started kicking in. Scrap food, eating out, anything that has involved opening my mouth any more than a half inch at a time. My plans for some new chicken and beef dishes for this week’s blog entries may hold off for another few days yet.

It doesn’t change the reading though, so here’s ten posts you may have missed this past week from other food bloggers and food media.

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Sunday Reads #7: Fancy Toast, Salad Recipes & Grocery Hikes

January is done and dusted. There was a lot of food involved, reading lists rebuilt, old projects revisited, food events attended and then some. It’s four weeks since the wedding and already it feels like the year is off to an accelerated start. With work caught up on, there’s plenty more time for reading these days so here’s another 10 posts and articles from food bloggers and food media you may have missed this past week.

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Sunday Reads #6: Blogging, Signature Dishes For Kids & Chinese New Year Recipes

The weeks aren’t long in flying, this being the last Sunday in January. Later today I’ll have some photos and notes up on last night’s first Meet The Makers event with Biabeag at Highbank Farm. The focus was all on #realbread, the content superb and the whole evening a real treat for bread fans.

To go along with your Sunday breakfast or brunch, here’s ten reads from the past week that you may have missed.

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Sunday Reads #5: Contact Lenses for Diabetics, New Food Trends

I’ve been on an extended holiday post-wedding that comes to a close today. As such, I’ve managed to read books, immerse myself in blog posts, clean out the RSS feeds and get back to basics. Also, this is largely fuelled to me having finally – finally – replaced the iPad nicked on holiday last year. Hopefully these will be a bit more regular for 2014. To kick things off then, here’s ten reads from the week gone by that you may have missed from other Irish food bloggers and food media.

If there’s any new blogs out there or blog feeds that you’d like to suggest, just leave a comment below.

From The Press

I’ve also set up a separate resource over the past week or so for press releases that come through via email. I’ve been looking to remove straight up press releases from the blog for 2014 so I’ve parked them here at the Any Given Food Press Centre. Sure enough, they might trigger something for an article on the blog, or for other folk as well.

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Sunday Reads #3: Bitcoin for food, food trends and holiday foods

There’s been loads happening in the world of food this past week, so here’s ten stories you may have missed as part of this week’s Sunday Reads.

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Sunday Reads #2: Organic Food Prices, Raw Food & Starting A Veg Garden

Sunday Reads for November 10th

After two full days in the recording studio, and two more still to go, Sunday’s reads are evening reads. Here’s ten stories from the past week that you may have missed. Anything you’re looking forward to this week?

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Sunday Reads #1: Food Exports, Wine Shortages & Sugar Taxes

Sunday Reads 3 November

From a foodie roundup, to Sunday Brunch, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit down at get to the blog on a Sunday. Winter is setting in, mornings are getting darker, time at the weekend’s is getting a little more flexible. Says he in hope.

With reading habits restored during the week, here’s a selection of articles across the food spectrum you may have missed out on this past week. From sugar tax to wine shortages, there was plenty to read about in this week’s digital press.

Sunday Reads is a selection of articles gathered from the likes of The Guardian, The Irish Times, The Telegraph and other news sources that bring a spotlight on the food world, whatever the sector.

It’s time to start writing on a Sunday again :)

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