The Chapter House Tea Rooms, Kilkenny

Chapter House Tea Rooms, Kilkenny
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June 2013 was my first visit to the Chapter House Tea Rooms at St. Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny and having had some a good impression made by the friendly staff, good food and cosy sub-church atmosphere, myself and herself have been back a few times, the most recent being last weekend.

Nut Loaf at Chapter House Tea Rooms

Nut Loaf at Chapter House Tea Rooms

You’ve got free wifi, a fresh rotation of desserts, plenty of salad options and a mix of daily mains from soups to curries, nut loafs to fish cakes, pasta dishes and plenty more besides.

The nut loaf, above, was one of the several vegetarian options on the menu at the time – the only thing I could flag with it that as a vegetarian option, it was served with a number of salad sides, one of them including chicken. Granted, I never explicity stated I was looking for a vegetarian dish, but you’d kind of assume these things, right?

Note – I’m not vegetarian by any means.

Where do I find the Chapter House Tea Rooms?

Open from breakfast time Monday to Saturday, the Tea Rooms are great on a sunny day with a small outdoor area for the smokers and al fresco diners amongst you. It is a little off the beaten track, but here’s a handy map for you.

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Any time we’ve been in, it’s never been rammed to capacity but does have a healthy run of folk through the lunch trade at the weekend. If you’re after somewhere to grab a mug of coffee with friends, unwind by yourself with a newspaper or book or just enjoy a fresh lunch for under the €10 mark (two lunches with dessert and drinks for us came to under €25), then the next time you’re in Kilkenny you might consider the Chapter House Tea Rooms

Written by Ken McGuire

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