Chinese New Year Recipes

Chinese New Year Recipes
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Chinese New Year is upon (tomorrow as it happens) and with it comes heaps of supermarket promos, ads and recipes popping up all over the web. You’ll get your discounts on sauces, free woks with a few packets of rice and (as it has already started here), the cursory text messages from your local Chinese takeaway touting offers on starters, four-in-ones and other dishes to mark the occasion.

It’s also the year of the horse, but you won’t see me tracking down horse recipes. What I have gathered are a bunch of starters and mains from a handful of recipe websites that might give you some inspiration to cook at home, also giving you something to do with the free wok you may have picked up in certain supermarkets this week.

15 Recipes For Chinese New Year

Just enough to provide some inspiration for your Friday night this week or into the weekend if you’re planning on cooking up at home.

Dumplings (for Saturday) and a mean spicy Chinese fat vegetable curry (Friday) are on the cards for me. What about yourself, any favourites or tips to try for Chinese New Year in the kitchen?

Written by Ken McGuire

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