Eating In Dubrovnik

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In our most recent break away, myself and Mrs. Any Given Food hopped a plane to Dubrovnik to take a studio apartment in the Old Town for a week. The town itself is surrounded by massive city walls dating to the 16th century and absolutely jam-packed with restaurants and eateries of every description.

Links for this post series will start appearing on the blog from Sunday 18 October, the list complete by the following Sunday.

  • Day 1: Lunch at Kolosseum
  • Day 2: Lunch at Dubravka
  • Day 2: Dinner at Bonafide Mex Cantina
  • Day 3: Breakfast at Dubravka
  • Day 3: Lunch at Gusta Me
  • Day 3: Dinner at Konoba Amoret
  • Day 4: Lunch at Dubravka (again)
  • Day 4: Dinner at Arka
  • Day 5: Breakfast at Pizzaria Dardin
  • Day 5: Lunch at Spaghetteria Toni
  • Day 5: Dining in for a change…
  • Day 6: Breakfast at Orlando Café Bar
  • Day 6: Second breakfast at Konoba Longo
  • Day 6: Lunch at Pelina
  • Day 6: Dinner at Nishta
  • Day 7: Breakfast at Trattoria Tezoro
  • Day 7: Lunch on the move with pizza, crepes
  • Day 7: Dinner at Konoba Penatur