First It Was Suspended Coffee, Now It’s Suspended Lunches

Suspended Coffee
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Suspended Coffee

FIRST it was suspended coffees, now it’s suspended lunches.

What is a suspended coffee I hear you ask? The notion of it originates, the idea being that if you go to buy a coffee, you can buy another one and ‘suspend’ it for someone who can’t afford their own.

Consider it the Irish equivalent of “putting a pint in the barrel” for someone in your local.

Someone could then come into the coffee shop, ask if there was a suspended coffee or tea available and leave with a hot drink, presumably paid for by a stranger. There’s no guarantee that there would be a drink available but if there is, it’s up for grabs. Others have taken it a step further in that if any suspended drinks aren’t claimed by the end of the month, the monetary value of the drinks will be donated to a local charity.

Already the likes of Idaho cafe in Cork, Cafe Deli in Athlone, The Tea Rooms at Duckett’s Grove in Carlow, Brioche Cafe, Caffe Italiano and Soulful Bistro (all in Dublin) getting behind the Suspended Coffee movement.

Closer to home (for me) is Go Burritos in Kilkenny. The Newpark-based Mexican takeaway opens daily from midday serving up a variety of burritos, pizza and other hot dishes. The slow cooked beef burrito I had there on Saturday was by far and away one of the nicest takeaway dishes I’ve had in a long time.

The team at Go Burritos are taking it one step further from teas and coffees and are doing suspended lunches up to the value of €10 – anything on their menu with €2 pretty much the cheapest item on the menu. And again, the monetary value of any lunches that haven’t been claimed by the end of the month each month will go to a local charity.

It’s an interesting one to call. To those who can’t afford it, a hot drink or a hot meal can make a world of difference. Would you feel better giving your spare change over to a shop to ‘suspend’ a drink or meal for someone as opposed to throwing your change to someone on a street, not knowing exactly where it ends up? I’m sure as more businesses get behind the idea the debate will rage but personally, I love the sound of it and if I was in the tea or coffee business myself I’d be next in line to offer it up.

There’s a Twitter account and Facebook page tracking those offering suspended coffees in Ireland.

Is there anyone in your area offering the same? Have you suspended a coffee or a lunch for someone already? What do you make of it?

Written by Ken McGuire

Writes and talks a lot about food, spending way too much time in the kitchen or behind the lens taking photos. Digital Media Specialist by day, broadcaster by night, living in Kilkenny with Mrs. Any Given Food and two crazy rescue hounds.