Foodie Roundup #11

Foodie Roundup #11
Foodie Roundup #11 - January 2nd - 8th 2011

Coming to you this morning from the sunny shores of Lough Talt, Co. Sligo, here’s your 11th foodie roundup. You know the drill, fire on the kettle, put the feet up and take in a read of some posts from some of Ireland’s top food bloggers. While I haven’t gotten around to subscribing to *everyone* just yet, you can get a really comprehensive list over at the Irish Food Bloggers Association website. I’m getting there though…

Don’t be afraid to suggest a blog or post as well, I’m all ears. You can drop a mail to ken at or find me on Twitter or Facebook. Rumour has we’re booked for food at the Ice House in Ballina later, looking forward to that one.

  • Chris collins

    Hi all food lovers

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  • Lu

    thanks for the mention Ken – nice round up!

    • Ken

      You’re most welcome :)

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