Foodie Roundup #13

Foodie Roundup #13 - January 16th-22nd
Foodie Roundup #13 - January 16th-22nd

Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday without the Foodie Roundup, and while it’s been an absolutely mental week resulting in a quiet blog week, and I’m about 11 hours late with the post, it’s time to put the feet up! Nothing wrong with getting a bit of evening reading in. Take a timeout this evening (or tomorrow morning if you’re already disconnected) with a selection of posts from this week gone.

Now, to finish off the two week’s worth of blog posts that are sitting here in front of me. In between the juggling of artists residencies, trips to Dublin, a week’s worth of programming and everything else besides, I might have managed a few foodie trips, meals out and cooking. Talk to all y’all tomorrow.

  • Caroline@Bibliocook

    Thanks for the mention, Ken. Sourdough bread on your list yet?!

    • Ken McGuire

      That list of mine is growing longer by the day, Caroline! But, yes, the sourdough bread has made it onto the weekend list. The more I read, the more I blog, the more I wonder am I going to eat myself into oblivion, damn new recipes and fancy things to cook!