Foodie Roundup #14

Foodie Roundup #14
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Foodie Roundup #14

Foodie Roundup #14 - January 23rd - 29th 2011

Officially, this is the last Sunday of January. Which means, we’re already a full month into the year, give or take a day or so. But Sunday, at this stage, wouldn’t be Sunday for me without a flick back through some of Ireland’s top food blogs for a look at the week’s reading. Consider it a week in review, if you will. Fire on the kettle (my poison this morning is a vanilla coffee, followed closely by a Mygoshot and whatever else goes into the bottle I have on the bike), put the feet up and get thee to reading.

Sin é on the roundup front for another week. I’m off to cycle the life and soul out of myself and kick start my rehab. I’ve managed to cycle the life and soul out of myself, recovered and actually really enjoyed this morning’s spin. I’m on a mission to work my way down to 170lbs, long overdue, and it all kicks off in February.

Right now, it’s lunch time, back again later on, so go enjoy some of Ireland’s food blogs and bloggers!

Written by Ken McGuire

Writes and talks a lot about food, spending way too much time in the kitchen or behind the lens taking photos. Digital Media Specialist by day, broadcaster by night, living in Kilkenny with Mrs. Any Given Food and two crazy rescue hounds.