Foodie Roundup #32

Foodie Roundup #32
Foodie Roundup #32 - August 28th-September 3rd

It’s All Ireland Sunday, we’re almost at breakfast time at Chez McGuire before everything shuts down in the buildup to this afternoon’s clash with Tipperary so no better time than now to bring you Foodie Roundup #32 with ten more blog posts from Irish food bloggers that you may have missed this past week. Here we go…

Anyone have any All Ireland food rituals? Sure enough, it’s not as long a day as you’d have for food but there’s a possibility of black and amber cupcakes on the menu this afternoon, though from 3.30pm it’s more likely to be beer and popcorn with litle focus on eating.

If you’re looking for me this afternoon, I’ll be sitting on the edge of the couch glued to the game. C’mon the Cats!

Happy Sunday y’all.