Foodspotting in January

One of the topics in my ever expanding food notebook to cover here on the blog is a look at what I’ve been spotting month to month. January, amongst a myriad of things, was actually a quiet enough month for the photos that were published, but here’s a few things that might make you hungry…

Breakfast at The Fig Tree

Breakfast at The Fig Tree in Kilkenny.

Many an important decision has been made for The Devious Theatre Company over breakfast, and we made some major 2012 decisions for the theatre company over breakfast at The Fig Tree in Kilkenny this month. Formerly known as Esquires, we were fans of the old regime’s vegetarian breakfasts but opted for The Full Irish here first to see how they stack up to the competition. Turns out they stack up pretty well.

Hazelnut Latte

Hazelnut Latte at Mugshot in Kilkenny

If you’re looking for coffee and WiFi to work by, Mugshot Café on James’ Street is a good bet and that’s where you’ll find this Hazelnut Latte. They’ve also recently opened a new premises on the far side of town and they’re going to be expanding their operations at James’ Street in the not-too-distant future.

Lemon Squares at Mugshot Café

Lemon Squares at Mugshot Café in Kilkenny

Along with the coffee above, you’ll also find these Lemon Squares at Mugshot. They’re gluten free and they’re fantastic. Honestly. They’re definitely not available every day of the week but if they were, you’ll likely see me beating a path to their door Monday to Friday.

Pizza Connection at the Italian Connection

Pizza Connection at the Italian Connection in Kilkenny

The first of two pizza options, the Pizza Connection is without doubt my favourite pizza in Kilkenny, available at The Italian Connection on Parliament Street. On their early bird menu you’ll get it for €10, usually around the €13 or €14 mark outside of early bird hours. Parma ham, fresh rocket, extra garlic… it’s just too good.

Vegetable Pizza at Italian Connection in Kilkenny

Vegetable Pizza at Italian Connection in Kilkenny

Of course, if you’re vegetarian, then you’ll need to be checking out their vegetable pizza. 12″ is pretty much the standard, made fresh, made to order, definitely enough in it for two people or a really ravenous single serving.

As part of a new series for the blog, I’ll be doing a Foodspotting / food photo summary at the end of each month where something new or tasty catches my eye. You can also follow me on

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