Foodspotting Release Android App to Beta

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Foodspotting - Beta Android App released

Christmas has come early for users and fans of “the Foursquare for food”, Foodspotting, with the San Francisco based team releasing a beta Android app, one year to the day of their iPhone beta release. I’ve had a chance to play around with Foodspotting on the iPhone and browse through on a regular basis to see what people are up to (eating) and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the app and getting testing over the Christmas break.

True to their word of a Christmas Eve release date, the emails landed in the inbox around 6pm today with all the details on the beta.

The core of the application is right up any food blogger’s street – take photos of food and share them with other people. Looking at the wider picture though, this builds reviews of dishes, restaurants, virtual guides for eating out and much more. Looking for a particular style of food and want to take a look (an actual look) at what’s on the menu? Foodspotting could be your solution. There’s a ton of information and photos on places to eat out Stateside and the photos are gradually coming in from Irish users but I’ll happily be making my contribution once I get the beta on to the phone.

The app itself isn’t listed in the Android Market so you have to to enable non-market apps for your handset and follow their beta link. The cat is out of the bag and posted over on Techcrunch so if you’re looking for the app, grab it here (you’re best off browsing this post on your Android-powered mobile and downloading from the handset) and get to snapping and sharing.

Written by Ken McGuire

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