Out For Dinner: Foodworks, Kilkenny

Dining out at foodworks, Kilkenny
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Dining out at foodworks, Kilkenny

Myself and Mrs. Any Given Food-to-be like to hit restaurants whenever is possible. While we do the majority of our eating out locally, I rarely write up restaurants or good meals out in Kilkenny, bar taking the usual photographs. Sometimes weeks can go by without heading out for a meal, sometimes we’ll fit a few in a week. In trying to shake the ‘creatures of habit’ notion, as humans are, we’re re-visiting restaurants we haven’t been to in a few months.

One of those restaurants, was foodworks at 7 Parliament Street, Kilkenny.

We’d been in a few months ago, grabbed a corner table, loved the atmosphere, lighting, friendliness of the staff and most importantly, the food. Second time around, it hit all the marks again. Working in the radio station, both of us had their recent ad campaign stuck in our head so a drive down High Street on Thursday evening automatically brought us to the door.

With the walk-in windows open out on to the street in the last of the evening heat, we grabbed a table for a starter & main course double-bill, some wine and a large lemony water (one of my favourite things to drink this weather).

For Starters

Nine times out of ten when we’re out for dinner it’s a starter and main course affair, dessert landing only if we’re really going “all out”. With plenty to choose from, I opted for the Ham Hock Rillette, a lovely meaty way to start into the food.

Ham Hock Rillette at foodworks, Kilkenny. Photo (c) Ken McGuire.

Herself, being the vegetarian in the equation, went for the goats cheese terrine with a gorgeous fig jam, asparagus, roast peppers & croute.

It’s creamy, chock full of flavour, but still light enough to not leave you completely stuffed before your main course lands.

Goats Cheese Terrine at foodworks, Kilkenny. Photo (c) Ken McGuire.

The Main Event

Herb Gnocchi at foodworks, Kilkenny. Photo (c) Ken McGuire.
It’s been years since I’ve tried a gnocchi dish and the herb gnocchi as a vegetarian option (herself had ordered), was really good. I rarely, if ever, order a vegetarian dish when I’m out, but I could be swayed to make an exception for the gnocchi.

Fresh Fish n Chips at foodworks, Kilkenny. Photo (c) Ken McGuire.

Looking back, I think the last time I was in foodworks I opted for a fish dish as well (I’ve been making an effort to increase my fish consumption in 2013). The fresh fish ‘n’ fries gives you two lovely battered pieces of fresh fish served with some celeriac remoulade and garden peas. The fries are shoestring and, as far as I could tell, unsalted (a pet peeve is a side of chips coming out in a restaurant or takeaway that are pre-salted).

It’s a large portion too, very reasonably priced at under €15, and incredibly filling. That one had to be paced well, but there wasn’t a crumb left to be had on the plate once I was finished.

On Going Back

Absolutely. It’s a great casual dining experience in a bright, airy restaurant, nice atmosphere, friendly staff and quality grub. The price of the whole meal (going a la carte as opposed to the fixed price menu) came in at a shade over €50 for the two starters, two mains, a glass of white wine and the large water (large mineral water around €4.50 or so). Like for like, it would have worked out around the same for our choices had we gone for the fixed price menu. There’s an early bird option during the week also if you’re in before 7pm, I think two courses there is around the €21 mark or bump it to three for €25.

You’ll get service Tuesday to Sunday (lunch only on Sundays and Tuesdays, unless it’s a bank holiday weekend) and you’ll find a sample menu here or check out foodworks.ie for more details.

Written by Ken McGuire

Writes and talks a lot about food, spending way too much time in the kitchen or behind the lens taking photos. Digital Media Specialist by day, broadcaster by night, living in Kilkenny with Mrs. Any Given Food and two crazy rescue hounds.