Food Packaging: Avonmore introduce ‘One Twist’ cartons to the market

Avonmore launch new milk cartons
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Avonmore launch new milk cartons

Kyle Moloney (aged 5) Kate Cepeda (aged 6) and Matthew MacDougald (aged 8) at the launch of Avonmore’s new milk carton.Pic: Marc O’Sullivan

Avonmore, only around the corner from the office here, have followed on from their launch in recent months of their Protein Milk by launching a new ‘Elopak’ milk carton for the Irish market. The logic behind the cartons is in making them easier to open, with a better pour and better flatpacking when it comes to recycling. As a daily milk drinker, admittedly I’m not a fan of the small caps on top of the current cartons (especially when you had the cap, then the plastic pull on the inside).

On the ground locally, Avonmore (via Glanbia) have helped hugely with local sport in continuing to sponsor Kilkenny’s hurling teams while this year also backing Kilkenny’s camogie teams to their respective All-Ireland finals in September.

Check out the video below for the new advert.

Written by Ken McGuire

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