Grill Dome, Craft Beers & Barbeque Classes

Grill Dome BBQ
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Grill Dome BBQ

Grill Dome join The Kitchen In The Castle for BBQ and Craft Beers cookery courses this summer.

One of my absolute favourite ways to cook is to barbeque. Even if there’s the slightest most remote chance that the weather will hold up for an outdoor grill, I’m all over it. We managed a few outdoor dinners last year at Chez McGuire and the oh-so-brief summer we had in the past week or two even yielded a BBQ or two.

If you’re new to the process, however, you might be interested in some classes running at the Kitchen In The Castle cookery school at Howth castle this summer, partnered by Grill Dome. Starting on 18th May, there will be three barbeque and beer tasting (Irish craft beers) courses, one each for May, June and July, with an ‘essentials’ course sandwiched in the middle. Check the links for details.

The May 18, June 28 and July 20 courses are short courses, all hands on and cost €70. The full day essentials course on Saturday 9 June costs €150, taking you through marinades, salads and providing lunch with a glass of wine on the day.

Written by Ken McGuire
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