Irish Fusion: Knorr Student Chef of the Year

Knorr Student Chef Of The Year 2012
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Knorr Student Chef Of The Year 2012

Knorr Student Chef Of The Year 2012

If you happen to be a student chef sitting at home on your weekend off then take note that Monday coming, January 16th, is the last date for applications for the Knorr Student Chef of the Year Competition 2012.

Irish Fusion

This year’s theme is Irish Fusion, the idea being that students take inspiration from different regional cuisines around Ireland and bring the flavours together in a stunning combination/fusion dish. The starter dish must also demonstrate a ‘taste of the sea’ and be fish-based dish to complement the skills and interest of guest judge Martin Shanahan (Fishy Fishy Restaurant and Café in Kinsale, Co Cork).

Judging Criteria

Each entry will be evaluated on creativity, practicality and effective use of two Knorr products, as well as chefmanship, composition and presentation. The starter must be fish-based dish. For the first time this year students will be asked to explain to the judges the personal influence behind each of their dishes and points will be awarded for how they express themselves through their menu.


Top prize for 2012 is in two parts. The winning student chef scores part of the day in East London with food photographer Gareth Morgans before spending the evening in Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck restauarnt in Bary, UK. The silver prize is a professional set of knives and a €50 book voucher with the bronze prize being a starter set of knives and a €50 book voucher.

For full details on getting an application in for Monday, check out the competition page here or email

Written by Ken McGuire

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