Kilkenny’s Town Of Foods Launches Today

Kilkenny's Town Of Food Launches
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Kilkenny's Town Of Food Launches

Pictured with Bobby Kerr was from left David Brydone (farmer), Jason Paul Ryan (butcher), Emily Mulally-Trotman (baker) and Ted Donohoe aged 5 (lamb).

ONE OF Kilkenny’s rural towns or larger villages is in line to be named Kilkenny’s Town of Foods in the next six weeks with over €750,000 in grant-aid support available to the winning town in a competition launching today.

Spearheaded by Kilkenny LEADER Partnership, the Town of Foods is an open competition for said towns and villages in Kilkenny with the overall winner receiving grant-aid and support needed to transform their town or village into the county’s Town of Food.

The benefits for the winner include support for local small foro producers, increased employment, food training facilties and more.

Grant-aid of up to a maxiumum €500,000 at a 75% rate of costs towards the development of a Town Food Hub is among the top offers from LEADER, along with with up to €75,000 at the same rate towards marketing.

Towns seeking to apply must have a population of 500 or greater and expressions of interest 6 February. Following this, the deadline for submission of applications is 27 February with the winner being announced by Kilkenny LEADER Partnership on 6 March of this year.

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