Lunching at Stathams Bar & Restaurant, Kilkenny

A side of chips at Statham's Bar & Restaurant, Kilkenny
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Coffee to start at Statham's Bar & Restaurant, Kilkenny

It starts with a coffee, until you realise that it’s well past lunchtime, closer to dinner time and you haven’t sat down to a full meal for the day. I spent the morning filming the latest cookery and meal planning demos at Furnace Fitness which, if the closeups are anything to go by, should turn out to be great. So with a morning sampling salads and steaks behind me, the dawning realisation mid afternoon that you haven’t had a solid meal brought the two of us to Statham’s on Patrick Street in Kilkenny to continue our intention of eating in new places or places we’ve not been to in a year or so locally.

Vegetarian Supreme Ciabatta at Statham's Bar & Restaurant, Kilkenny

As it happens, Statham’s had never been hit for a joint lunch while I’d been in once before for lunch around the time of Savour Kilkenny last year. Mrs. Any Given Food-to-be had the Supreme Vegetarian Ciabatta (above) which arrives plated on a wooden board. The winner for me was the addition of the red onion marmalde, the smell alone gets me every time.

A side of chips at Statham's Bar & Restaurant, Kilkenny

A good portion of chunky chips (complete with ‘crispy bits’) in the end comes in at €3.00, served in the increasingly popular mini buckets.

Statham's 'Caeser Style' Salad at Statham's Bar & Restaurant, Kilkenny

I opted for the Statham’s “Caeser Style” salad with baby gem leaves, bacon, croutons, and fresh chicken slices all tossed in a caeser-style dressing and topped with a toasted thin garlic ciabatta slice. There’s plenty of bacon in the mix, a good balance of the dressing (which isn’t in any way overpowering) and at €7.50 makes for real good value and a really filling salad dish.

The non-chicken / vegetarian version comes with sundried tomatoes, brie, mixed peppers, pine nuts and more and interestingly enough, that and the smoked mackarel crostini slices on the Lite Bites menu come approved (and marked as such) by Motivation Weight Management.

The foot of the menu says all dishes are served in under 10 minutes, we needed to be in and out in around 40 minutes, and couldn’t fault the delivery, selection or food in any way. The whole lot, include the coffee (top) which is served with a bite-size sweet, in this case some chocolate biscuit cake, and a coke, ran to €22.45. There’s plenty more to choose from on the menu from soup and chowder to a pasta dish, burger dishes and the likes but for a Saturday lunch in town for two, with drinks, for around €20, we’ll be back.


Written by Ken McGuire

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