National Vegetarian Week Gets Underway

National Vegetarian Week 19-25 May 2014
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National Vegetarian Week 19-25 May 2014

National Vegetarian Week 19-25 May 2014

National Vegetarian Week kicks off today and Dee’s Wholefoods are sponsoring the week again in a drive to promote vegetarian meals and cooking over the course of the week by spurring people – presumably the non-vegetarians – to pick up the challege of trying a vegetarian dish for a single meal, a day or the full week.

At Chez McGuire, I’m the meat eater in the house, though being married to a vegetarian has seen a real increase in us cooking and prepping vegetarian dishes at home, particuarly over the last few months as we turn more to home cooking than eating out during the week.

In truth, after a week of mixed lunches and dinners out and Saturday and Sunday spent consuming goodies picked up at Litfest over the weekend, I could do with a couple of days of homecooked meals and this seems like a good time to hit it as well. I’ve a few Japanese and French recipes I’ve been looking to try as well off the back of some new books I’ve picked up so if they make it to the kitchen, I’ll keep track of them here.

There’s an #irishvegweek hashtag to follow on Twitter and you can check out Irish Vegetarian Week on Facebook or pick up a few menu ideas on the website.

National Vegetarian Week Recipes 2014

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