New Books In The Kitchen

New Cook Books For Ken
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New Cook Books For Ken

New Cook Books For Ken

One, two, three, four. Four new cook books for the kitchen at Chez McGuire. God knows how many recipes and ideas there are between them but I’ve got enough reading material to get me through to Christmas. That said, I almost walked out of M&S earlier this afternoon with Nigella Lawson’s new book, as if the four waiting for me weren’t enough.

Levi Roots Food For Friends

His episode of Dragons’ Den pops up on Dave every now and again but you must have been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of Levi Roots in recent years or his Reggae Reggae sauce. A trip to TK Maxx yesterday left me coming home with Levi Roots Food for Friends: 100 Simple Dishes for Every Occasion (Amazon link) picking it up for a tenner in hard back, down from €24. There’s plenty to choose from where lunches, dinners, desserts and baking is concerned, all with a Caribbean treatment and all designed with ingredients available in the local shop, though I’ll put that to the test soon enough.

Catherine’s Italian Kitchen (Catherine Fulvio)

Last weekend I picked up Catherine’s Italian Kitchen
(Amazon Link), Catherine Fulvio’s latest publication. Admittedly I haven’t seen any of Catherine’s TV outings but the sights and smells at her demos in Kilkenny last week were more than enough to get me to part with the 20 Euro for the book. There’s over 100 recipes in the book for all levels of cook, all very much with an Italian flavour. I’ve yet to cook anything from the book though I’ve an Italian cooking night planned for about two weeks time and already have the recipes earmarked for it. Suggestions on wine most welcome! You can grab the book at that Amazon link or here via Ballyknockan House.

Gorgeous Suppers (Annie Bell)

For eight quid, again in TK Maxx, I’ve added Annie Bell’s Gorgeous Suppers (Gorgeous Series)
to the kitchen. The photos (by Chris Alack) are top, there’s a load of ideas in there but one thing I was concious of in buying the book was getting one that offered suggestions for quick meals. My food habits are getting some cold turkey treatment from tomorrow to the run into Christmas whereby I’m looking to cut out the one (two max) takeaways in a week, usually driven by working late in the office. The chapters are broken into soups, birds, meat, veg, fish etc. It will cost you about 15 euro, give or take, from the Amazon link about or have a scout about TK Maxx to see if you can nab a copy.

Only 10 Minutes (M&S)

Finally, and in keeping with the quick evening meals, I grabbed an own-brand M&S book, Only 10 Minutes (Quick and Tasty 10-minute recipes). It’s small, simple, paper-back and there’s good photos for every dish included. €6.97 for the 176-page offer. You can order it online as well from the link just above (click the book title)

Now all I need to do is put as much effort into using them as I do in going out to buy them. If you’ve got a tip for a cook book that’s an absolute *must* for your kitchen, I’m all ears. There’s someone looking to buy me a Christmas present or two and they’re stuck for ideas!

Written by Ken McGuire

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