One Month Of Food Blogging

Garlic Bread w/cheese at Italian Connection
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Garlic Bread w/cheese at Italian Connection

Garlic Bread w/cheese at Italian Connection

I’ve had this post sitting in my drafts folder (or at least the title of it anyway) to look back at the first month of food blogging. With today being the 29th it turns out I’m over by almost a week, the first blog post dated October 24th.

So over the past month I’ve got to say I’ve enjoyed myself immensely. Over the course of the month I’ve been to FoodCamp, spent a fortune at Savour Kilkenny, joined the Twitter panel with other food bloggers at the Tipperary Food Producers Extravaganza, taken loads more foodie photos and took in the Food & Wine Magazine Christmas Show at the RDS this weekend gone.

Starting Any Given Food has given me an opportunity to explore more food, engage with food producers and other food bloggers, something I’d been meaning to do for a good year or two.

It’s not the first attempt at starting a food blog. I did start one or two food photo blogs on Tumblr in the last year with the idea of taking photos of everything I ate (yes, everything, from the gourmet meals to the packets of peanuts on a work break). The first one lasted maybe a blog post or two, the second (once I put the Tumblr app on the iPhone) got through a full month and then became a bit more intermittent. With Any Given Food, however, I see things lasting that bit longer. Even the first night I sat down to pen a blog post I had put together a draft calendar with enough content to see me through the February which, I figured, would give me enough time to assess the whole food blogging thing.

As it stands now, we’re heading into December, there’s just shy of 50 blog posts in the drafts box along with the 40 (when you include this one) that have been published to date. I’ve released a few podcasts as well and along with a friend of mine and podcaster in arms I’m at the end of a planning stage for a new series of podcasts taking off in January so I figure it will (the blog) be around for a while yet.

FoodCamp was the catalyst needed to get things going. I’d been thinking on getting more serious about food blogging, looking at the angles that could be covered. The same thing happened me with the first Podcamp in Kilkenny three years ago and that put me an a course of releasing over 100 podcasts in a two year period so, you never know. I’m not a recipe blogger by any means but I was looking for an avenue to write about restaurants, dishes cooked at home, Irish food producers, foodie events and I think I’ve found it. Plus, the organisation and funneling all foodie talk into Any Given Food seems to have reduced the quips in the pub or out and about in relation to what I’ve had for dinner and what I’m cooking next as my personal Twitter and Facebook streams return to some sense of normality.

I’ve found a real enjoyment in writing about food, even to the point of making sure I’ve cleared time in the day and at the weekend to line up blog posts. Starting blogging is one thing but the encouragement to stay blogging comes from the conversations on Twitter, the blog comments, chatting on Facebook, reading other blogs (and highlighting a few each week), the chats at events – the engagement. If I’d know there was going to be so much of it, I would have started food blogging properly years ago.

Thanks to all who’ve been reading over the past month, thanks for the feedback, comments and mails to date and thanks to all the other Irish Food Bloggers for the inspiration on a daily basis. I’ve been blogging since 2004 but don’t think I’ve had as much fun since I started this one. Here’s to the next month of posts…

Written by Ken McGuire

Writes and talks a lot about food, spending way too much time in the kitchen or behind the lens taking photos. Digital Media Specialist by day, broadcaster by night, living in Kilkenny with Mrs. Any Given Food and two crazy rescue hounds.