Podcast #004: Katu Honey #biabeag

Oustanding By Design: Katu Honey
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Oustanding By Design: Katu Honey

Clearing the backlog of the Outstanding By Design audio and video releases, here’s the latest podcast release for the week including the full audio from the design talk session around Katu Honey with Laura Mcauley of Navigate By Design and Kristina Moody of Value-Added in Africa.

Oustanding By Design was a Biabeag event held at Highbank Orchards in Kilkenny last month. If video is more your thing, you can check out the video of the session, which includes all visuals from the presentation, here.

See also the first podcast in the series around Paddy O’s Granola and the second podcast with Giles Calver.

Written by Ken McGuire
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