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Podcasting at Foodcamp
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Podcasting at Foodcamp

Podcasting at Foodcamp

Update: Sunday 31st, 7:10pm. Added talk from Barry Nash on Enhancing the Visibility of Local Seafood through Partnerships.

Those who know me in real life will know that along with a world of web and print design, my job (and business) involves the production of audio for podcasting. On the eve of Foodcamp last weekend, Keith asked would I be interested in recording audio from some of the day’s sessions for release online, an offer I couldn’t really pass up.

As there’s only one file live at the moment (the rest are coming out of the queue this evening), bookmark this page (Ctrl +D) to come back to it later and get more links. You will find the iTunes feed below, along with links to play and download the podcasts. I will update these links as soon as each podcast is released.

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You can now subscribe to the podcasts in iTunes so you can download them as soon as they get released. To do so, open iTunes, go to the Advanced menu and click Subscribe to Podcast and enter the address: . The feed has been submitted to the iTunes general podcast store and will hopefully be available soon.

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