Say Hello To Chocolate Philadelphia

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Giving Nutella and other choclate spreads a run for their money, Philadelphia is now available in a chocolate variety. Perfect for pancakes?

It was bound to happen. Somewhere in some office at Kraft HQ, someone was thinking that Philadelphia could and should be blended together. Then Kraft buy Cadbury’s. Then the cheese maker really met the chocolate maker. As the four of us in Chez McGuire huddle around the monitor this evening we can’t help but drool at the prospects of Philadelphia with Cadbury, announced today by Kraft and hitting supermarkets in Ireland in the next week or so. Chocolate cheesecake is definitely on the menu for February now, with is in some contradiction to my claims only minutes ago on that I’m getting back in the saddle for spring training.

The new Philadelphia with Cadbury (which may wind up giving Nutella a serious run for its money here given the childhood-led loyalty to Philadelphia) ships in 160g tubs and 4x30g minitubs and packs 86 calories per serving running with less sugar and less than half the fat of other chocolate spreads on the market at present. Read on for more photos and a look at the new packaging. Here’s hoping it tastes as good as it looks.

Philadelphia with Cadbury

The new packaging for Philadelpha with Cadbury

Philadelphia with Cadbury on Toast

Philadelphia with Cadbury on toast or fresh bread? Yes please.

Written by Ken McGuire

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