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If you’ve not yet watched, enjoyed and loved Small Green Fields, then do so now. Boil the kettle, shut the world away for 12 minutes and take in Imen McDonnell‘s gorgeous short exploring Ireland’s artisan food and farming community. Click Play Video above to get started.

For those keeping up with artisan food producers in Ireland, be it on Twitter or in the real world, there’s plenty of familiar faces appearing here.

Small Green Fields was produced and directed by Imen McDonnell as Farmhouse Films, edited by Carrie Shanahan with Michael Hartzel on camera.

I’ve spent a good part of the year working on various videos, but I haven’t come across anything like this in a good while that will light a fire in you for home.

Click ‘Play Video’ under the photo above, or watch it here on Vimeo.

  • Imen McDonnell

    Thank you so much for the kind share Ken, a lot of amazing folks in this piece, really proud! Imen xx