Sunday Brunch #2

Sunday Brunch #2
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While there’s bound to be a raft of posts from me in the coming days about the Waterford Harvest Festival and the serious amount of craic that’s been had here exploring the Déise’s culinary quarters, here’s the second in the Sunday Brunch series with ten articles of interest in the past week.

It’s midday, it’s Sunday, and if you’re not on the quay in Waterford then you may as well stick on the kettle and get to reading.

If you are heading for Waterford and you see me knocking around the quay or the GIY Gathering in Theatre Royal, do say hello!

Written by Ken McGuire

Writes and talks a lot about food, spending way too much time in the kitchen or behind the lens taking photos. Digital Media Specialist by day, broadcaster by night, living in Kilkenny with Mrs. Any Given Food and two crazy rescue hounds.