Sunday Reads #5: Contact Lenses for Diabetics, New Food Trends

Sunday Reads #5
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I’ve been on an extended holiday post-wedding that comes to a close today. As such, I’ve managed to read books, immerse myself in blog posts, clean out the RSS feeds and get back to basics. Also, this is largely fuelled to me having finally – finally – replaced the iPad nicked on holiday last year. Hopefully these will be a bit more regular for 2014. To kick things off then, here’s ten reads from the week gone by that you may have missed from other Irish food bloggers and food media.

If there’s any new blogs out there or blog feeds that you’d like to suggest, just leave a comment below.

From The Press

I’ve also set up a separate resource over the past week or so for press releases that come through via email. I’ve been looking to remove straight up press releases from the blog for 2014 so I’ve parked them here at the Any Given Food Press Centre. Sure enough, they might trigger something for an article on the blog, or for other folk as well.

You can subscribe to the press release feed (for only press releases) here: and you can submit your own press or PR content by emailing

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