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Foodspotting Android Beta 2 Out


Foodspotting's second beta for Android is out now

THE SECOND release of the Foodspotting app for Android phones (still in beta) was released at the weekend and made its way straight to my phone. I’ve been loving Foodspotting for over the past couple of week, moreso since they released the first version of the Android app back at Christmas. iPhone users had a year long head start but Android users (if you use any of the HTC handsets, Sony’s Xperia, Samsung Galaxy etc.) have been able to snap and tag since Christmas eve.

You can check out my profile on Foodspotting here.

Seen as the details for the first beta were pushed out to the public, I reckon it’s safe to assume the details of the second beta (possibly 2.1) should go to Android users. So, if you’re an Android handset owner and you’ve not yet got your hands on a copy of the app for testing, check the steps below.

Installing Foodspotting on your Android handset

  1. Allow Non-Market Apps: Under “Application settings” select allow non-market apps to be installed, given that you will be installing a beta version of Foodspotting, which is not yet available in the Android Market
  2. Turn on Wireless and GPS: Under “Location & Security settings” enable the use of wireless and GPS satellites, otherwise the app won’t be able to detect your location. In case you’re concerned about battery life, the phone will only use your location when you’re running the Foodspotting app
  3. Download the App: Open this email from your phone and download the beta version of the app here: http://www.foodspotting.com/downloads/Foodspotting-beta-01-28-11.apk
  4. Report Crashes: In the event the app crashes, tap the Menu button the next time you load the app to send us a crash report
  5. Share Feedback: As you’re helping us beta test the app, please use Get Satisfaction (http://getsatisfaction.com/foodspotting) or email Foodspotting directly at support@foodspotting.com to report bugs you find

On the day’s I’ve been away from the blog, it’s quite possible that I’ve been snapping food out and about. I’m tending to stay away from products and go primarily for dishes as they arrive on the table as I figure that’s what’s most useful about the app – you stroll around a particular city or town, fire open Foodspotting and see what looks good to eat. I’ve a few additions from Langton’s Café gone up from the weekend, soon to be followed by a raft of tapas from the Grapevine on Friday night gone.

From what I can tell, there aren’t an incredible amount of active Irish users on Foodspotting. On ‘World Foodspotting Day’ (to mark their first birthday), eight or nine of us got together in Kilkenny for tapas and chats, possibly the only event that was run in the country for it but having been around Kilkenny, Waterford, Sligo, Roscommon, Dublin, Mayo and Carlow of late there seems to be a healthy flow of photos starting to build. Grab a copy of the Android beta from the steps above or if you’re an iPhone user hit the app store for a free download and get snapping!

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Happy Birthday Foodspotting

Foodspotting - Today is World Foodspotting Day

Foodspotting - Today is World Foodspotting Day

At the end of a long week, there’s nothing like a party to ring in the weekend. The same applies to business. When you’ve had a good year, go out and celebrate. Mark the event with friends, customers, subscribers and users. That’s what’s happening with Foodspotting in San Francisco and the rest of the world is joining in for today is World Foodspotting Day to mark the first birthday of Foodspotting.

I’ve been an admirer of the site for a few months and an active user of their Android beta since its Christmas Eve release this December gone. Think of it as combining Foursquare and Flickr with an emphasis on food. You have your iPhone or Android app, you’re strolling around Dublin or Kilkenny or one of the Irish towns or cities where there’s a few Foodspotting users, you fire open the app and you’re presented with a stream of photos of dishes from restaurants, pubs, bars, takeaways and more with an indication of how near they are to you. You can browse the Foodspotting site for venues, particular dishes, see what people have been eating and flagging.

I’ve been sharing photos of food on Twitter for two years anyway if not more but Foodspotting ties the whole thing up for me. Snap with Foodspotting, attach a dish to a restaurant or shop, share it on Twitter or Facebook and earn a few badges on the way (the social gaming side of things always helps with these types of application).

Anyway, if you’re curious about Foodspotting and you want to find out more, there is an Irish Foodspotting Meetup taking place at Zuni in Kilkenny this evening at 6:30pm. Locally I reckon Keith is leading the charge in terms of contributions to Foodspotting and the online guides but I’ve started to see a few more heads pop up and share some foodie delights online. It was only in going to Dublin over the New Year that I really got to appreciate the use of the service, popping open Foodspotting on Wicklow Street to see who or what was in the neighbourhood and what looked good to eat.

There’s an event page for tonight over on Meetup.com if you want to join in, or just stop by the front of Zuni for 6:30pm for a Foodspotting demo and some tapas. If you’re a Foodspotting user, you can find my profile here.

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Foodspotting Release Android App to Beta


Foodspotting - Beta Android App released

Christmas has come early for users and fans of “the Foursquare for food”, Foodspotting, with the San Francisco based team releasing a beta Android app, one year to the day of their iPhone beta release. I’ve had a chance to play around with Foodspotting on the iPhone and browse through Foodspotting.com on a regular basis to see what people are up to (eating) and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the app and getting testing over the Christmas break.

True to their word of a Christmas Eve release date, the emails landed in the inbox around 6pm today with all the details on the beta.

The core of the application is right up any food blogger’s street – take photos of food and share them with other people. Looking at the wider picture though, this builds reviews of dishes, restaurants, virtual guides for eating out and much more. Looking for a particular style of food and want to take a look (an actual look) at what’s on the menu? Foodspotting could be your solution. There’s a ton of information and photos on places to eat out Stateside and the photos are gradually coming in from Irish users but I’ll happily be making my contribution once I get the beta on to the phone.

The app itself isn’t listed in the Android Market so you have to to enable non-market apps for your handset and follow their beta link. The cat is out of the bag and posted over on Techcrunch so if you’re looking for the app, grab it here (you’re best off browsing this post on your Android-powered mobile and downloading from the handset) and get to snapping and sharing.

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