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Tickets on Sale for Ballymaloe Litfest

TICKETS HAVE started selling for this year’s Ballymaloe Litfest and, if the Twitter is to be believed, they’re flying out the door already.

If that is the case, I’m not surprised. Having gone on sale around 3pm today, the whole event sees Ballymaloe House (and the cookery school) effectively become Ireland’s capital of food for three days with a stellar lineup of speakers, talks, demos, tastings, discussions, fringe events and much more.

The one thing I said I would do more of in 2014 is get out and about to more events and Ballymaloe Litfest was always going to be on the cards.

Last year was the first year of the festival and in scorching sunshine, myself and Mycrofilms‘ Alan Slattery had hit the road for a day’s filming around the grounds of the house, the gardens and The Big Shed, picking up a host of interviews and chats for GIY Ireland, some of which you’ll find in their GrowHQ video below.

I’ve nabbed tickets to one of the Saturday afternoon sessions on food and wine blogging, so far, but there’s so much going on around the aforementioned house, gardens and shed that you could make a day of it no problem, not see an event and still have a blast. Better still if the weather that was there for it last year makes a return this year.

You can check out the full programme here, which includes demos from Ross Lewis, Rachel Allen, Diana Kennedy along with speakers including Colm McCann, Tim Hayward, Daniel Klein, Sally & John McKenna, Nick Strangeway, Leslie Williams, Tomas Clancy, Alys Fowler, Martin Shanahan, Catherine Fulvio, Donal Skehan, Nessa Robbins, Imen McDonnel, Lily Higgins, Darina Allen, Telmo Rodriguez, Tom Doorley and Noma’s René Redzepi.

All the details you’ll need, including ticket sales, can be found at Litfest.ie.

Missed it last year? Here’s a few photos from The Big Shed at Ballymaloe House that I picked up on the day over last year’s May Bank Holiday weekend. You’ll also find details on more Irish food events and festivals here.

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Foodie Roundup #40

Foodie Roundup #40

Foodie Roundup #40: A selection of Irish food blog posts from February 26th - March 3rd 2012.

On a what’s a gorgeous sunny Sunday morning (says he who’s been up since the crack of dawn), here’s Foodie Roundup #40, your weekly pick of ten blog posts from ten Irish food bloggers that you may have missed this past week. There’s some new blogs in the mix, some recipes, and some topical pieces but however you approach things, take the time to click through to the other blogs and find what others in Irish food blogging circles are talking about.

If you would like to suggest a blog for the Foodie Roundup or if you’re new to food blogging in Ireland (you don’t necessarily have to be Irish, but the blog and yourself would have to be based here), then drop me a line on ken@anygivenfood.com to get added to the weekly reading list.

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Foodie Roundup #36

Foodie Roudup #36

Foodie Roudup #36: September 25th to October 1st 2011. The photo is one of the dessert dishes at Source Sligo, you'll find it on my Foodspotting account.

It’s Sunday October 2nd and where last week’s foodie roundup came to you in the gaps between Ireland and Russia, this one comes to you before the clock runs out on Ireland v Italy at the Rugby World Cup with Ireland currently 26-6 to the good. Here’s a look back at ten blog posts from Irish food bloggers you may have missed this past week. Also, if you have seen it, I’ve taken the first step to adding some video to the blog, picking up on the Savour Kilkenny Chef Mob yesterday, give it a look.

Whether you’re still parked on the couch watching the rugby, enjoying a lie-in or you’re already up and about, you know what to do – take ten or fifteen minutes out and explore what other Irish food bloggers have to offer.

Happy Sunday.

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Irish Blog Awards 2011 Food & Drink Finalists

Irish Blog Awards 2011

The nominations were out, the shortlists were out and now the finalists have been named for the 2011 Irish Blog Awards, to be held at the Europa Hotel in Belfast on Saturday week (March 19th). I was pleasantly surprised to see Any Given Food nominated in the Best Newcomer category (and make the shortlisting following the first round of voting) but come Saturday week I’ll have my eyes firmly fixed on the Food & Drink category, with the competition there rife.

That said, two of my regular foodie reads are also in the running in the Best Newcomer category along with another blog I’ve worked on in the past (ChronicReload.com) we could see two foodie winners on the night. Here’s the food blogs that are in the final running. I’m long subscribed to all of them and reckon that they’ve all been included in a Foodie Roundup at some point so if you haven’t checked them out before, go do so now.

Best Food & Drink Blog

Best Newcomer (Food entries)

This year will be the first year that I miss out on the blog awards. I’ve been to all the awards nights in Dublin, made the trip to Cork in 2009, Galway last year (see the video above) and while new roads mean that I could get to Belfast as quick as I get to Sligo, I’ll be in the final prep, tech and dress for another show I have that opens at the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny on the 22nd.

Last year, the core theme of the Blog Awards (and running joke) was that blogging was dead – hence the video above, put together by myself and Ross Costigan as part of the introductions to various categories. But blogging, as a medium, is very much alive. The awards woudn’t exist if it wasn’t and Any Given Food surely wouldn’t be here either.

My own blogging habits have gone from the technology side of things to food (to the point where my “main” blog is feeling pretty unloved at the moment) over the past five months or so and I’m not looking back. Here’s to celebrating a fine year for Irish blogs and bloggers and onwards to another one.

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Foodie Roundup #10

Foodie Roundup #10

Foodie Roundup #10 - 26/12/10 - 01/01/11

First off, a Happy New Year to you all. The head is certainly a little fuzzier today (did the celebrating on New Years Day instead of New Years Eve), hence the delay in the ole morning roundup. So instead of your morning cuppa, sneak a few minutes to yourself on this Sunday afternoon to recap some post-Christmas blog posts from a selection of Irish food bloggers.

If anyone is looking for me, I’ll be the one trawling Dublin at a slow pace in search of food and a cure for a headache.

Happy reading, and don’t forget that if there’s anything you would like to suggest or if you’ve a post during any week that you would like me to highlight, you’re most welcome to make a suggestion here or give me a shout on Twitter.

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Foodspotting Release Android App to Beta


Foodspotting - Beta Android App released

Christmas has come early for users and fans of “the Foursquare for food”, Foodspotting, with the San Francisco based team releasing a beta Android app, one year to the day of their iPhone beta release. I’ve had a chance to play around with Foodspotting on the iPhone and browse through Foodspotting.com on a regular basis to see what people are up to (eating) and I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on the app and getting testing over the Christmas break.

True to their word of a Christmas Eve release date, the emails landed in the inbox around 6pm today with all the details on the beta.

The core of the application is right up any food blogger’s street – take photos of food and share them with other people. Looking at the wider picture though, this builds reviews of dishes, restaurants, virtual guides for eating out and much more. Looking for a particular style of food and want to take a look (an actual look) at what’s on the menu? Foodspotting could be your solution. There’s a ton of information and photos on places to eat out Stateside and the photos are gradually coming in from Irish users but I’ll happily be making my contribution once I get the beta on to the phone.

The app itself isn’t listed in the Android Market so you have to to enable non-market apps for your handset and follow their beta link. The cat is out of the bag and posted over on Techcrunch so if you’re looking for the app, grab it here (you’re best off browsing this post on your Android-powered mobile and downloading from the handset) and get to snapping and sharing.

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Foodie Roundup #6

Foodie Roundup #6

Foodie Roundup #6 (pic from Cork market yesterday)

Sunday is upon us once more so it’s time for Foodie Roundup #6, ten blog posts from Irish food bloggers for you to check out with the cup of tea or coffee of your choice* while putting your feet up for a deserved break**.

I’m still in Cork, still stuffed from all the Wagamama goodness (went again last night) and Cork Christmas Market foodie treats so I may be a while in getting back to Kilkenny. Enjoy your Sunday!

* You must make your own tea and / or coffee
** You must deserve your break and having something to put your feet up on

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Foodie Roundup #4

Foodie Roundup #4

Foodie Roundup #4 - November 14th - 20th 2010

It’s Sunday, you know the drill, feet up with a cup of tea to take in a roundup of posts from the Irish food blogosphere. Me, I’ve had my read this morning so I’m off to cook up some breakfast and get to cooking up something nice. I’m thinking a recipe from Neven Maguire’s home chef (and thanks to Nessa Robins for the book!) to take me through the afternoon.

Happy reading :)

I’m always open to new reads as well so if I’ve missed your blog over the past four weeks, be sure to drop me a line and feel free to suggest a post, article, or recipe that I may have missed.

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Foodie Roundup #3

Foodie Roundup #3

Foodie Roundup #3 - November 7th - 13th 2010

Sunday comes around once again and while I’m up with the birds after a week of 6am starts, it’s time for another foodie roundup highlight a selection of posts from Irish food bloggers between Sunday November 7th and Saturday November 13th. If there’s anything you’d like to suggest during the week, don’t be afraid to drop me a line.

All links open in a new window.

  1. Meals For The Freezer via CheapEats.ie
  2. Christmas Cake – The one where Catherine Leyden rang me via Mammy’s Kitchen
  3. Food Styling & Photography with Sharon Hearne-Smith and Donal Skehan via Nessa Robbins
  4. Mushy Roast Garlic & Cherry Tomato Pasta via The Good Mood Food Blog
  5. Looking For Fellow Community Gardeners via Greenside Up
  6. Stagrennan Farm – Where they greet you with smiles and apple cake via Cake In The Country
  7. Why Learning About Food Should Be Child’s Play via Safefood.eu
  8. So you want to be a blogger? via Eat Like A Girl
  9. Local Food: Tipperary Food Producers via Bibliocook
  10. Red Thai Chicken Curry via Gimmetherecipe

Sin é for this week. Fire the kettle on, check out the above blogs and if you’ve a particular post you’ve read during the week that should be flagged to one and all, feel free to make a suggestion. I’m off to make some breakfast and start my Sunday (and maybe clean up the rest of the dishes after last night’s meatball feast.)

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