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Sunday Brunch #10

Sunday Brunch 10

The dogs are walked, the red onion marmalade smells awesome (recipe to follow later), the dishes are done and it’s off to the county final for 2.30pm. Just your typical Sunday in Kilkenny, like. All that said, it means Sunday Brunch is a little more like Sunday Lunch with the timing but all the same, here’s ten articles worth a read from the world of food in the past week. Covering food safety, augmented reality with Jamie Oliver, chefs ganging up on food bloggers and more.

Put the feet up, lash on the kettle and enjoy…

Happy Sunday!

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Fancy An Irish Food Bloggers Cookie Swap?

The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

THE GREAT Food Blogger Cookie Swap is back for 2012 and organisers Julie (The Little Kitchen) and Lindsay (Love Olive Oil) are calling for food bloggers the world over to join in.

The premise is simple – you sign up, make a nominal donation (which goes to charity) and you receive three food bloggers names and addresses. Next, you go make some cookies, send a dozen to each of the names you get and in return you get three dozen back in the post.

The registration / donation fee is only US$4.00 and goes to Cookies For Kids’s Cancer, with OXO matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $100k.

Finally, you need to post your cookie recipe to your blog and submit a photo of your cookies as well. Signups opened earlier this week and close at midnight Eastern Time on 5 November. You’ll get your names and addresses by November 12th, get yours in the post by December 5th and post your recipe on December 12th.

Where recipes are concerned, the recipe must be new to you (so you can’t have posted it before) and while the competition is US-based, Irish bloggers are welcome. There has to be a minimum of four from the country and you’re only matched with bloggers from your own country.

So what do you reckon – up for a cookie swap between Irish food bloggers? Check out fbcookieswap.com for the full details but if anyone’s game, I’m up for trying my hand at a few cookies (or at least asking Mrs. Any Given Food-to-be to prep a few). Cheeky.

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Foodie Roundup #41

Foodie Roundup #41

Foodie Roundup #41 - March 4th - 10th 2012

Originally planned to come to you from the comfort of my bed in Inchydoney, I wound up dropping and thus breaking my aged MacBook Pro on Saturday evening and so Foodie Roundup comes to you a little later, back on a Windows machine for the first time in a while. Here’s hoping the repair place in Kilkenny can work their magic. Speaking of Inchydoney, I’ll have some recap posts coming Monday / Tuesday looking at the food bloggers / writers trip there this past weekend.

So, for Foodie Roundup #41, here’s ten posts from ten Irish food bloggers this past week.

Hopefully the laptop woes will be resolved tomorrow (says he panic shopping for a replacement in fear of my Macbook not recovering)



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Bound For Inchydoney

Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa

Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa, Clonakilty, Co. Cork

It’s Friday March 9th, the dogs are about to be loaded into the van and dropped at boarding kennels for the first time and myself and Mrs. Any Given Food-to-be are bound for Inchydoney Island Lodge & Spa on a food bloggers / writers weekend that’s been arranged by invitation from the hotel and Conway Communications. I’ve got some of the names that are going on the trip but between those I don’t have and partners there will be plenty of new and familiar faces to be seen. I’ve never been to Clonakilty or too far into West Cork either so I’m very much looking forward to the drive and seeing what’s on offer in the area.

Things kick off with dinner tonight over platters of local fare, followed by fishing tomorrow (if we come back empty-handed we starve) for lunch and a local producer meet-and-greet dinner on Saturday night so we can find out what’s happening in and around Clonakilty.

The break, and the food, will be most welcome. Depending on how the weekend and the wifi setup turns out, I may post some updates here tonight / tomorrow or all else failing, back in Kilkenny on Monday. You can follow the weekend’s antics on Twitter by following me at @anygivenfood.

Here’s to discovering all about food in West Cork!

Update Sunday 11 March: Tweets from the lot of us there for the weekend went out with the hashtag #inchydoney. Follow the conversations with everyone here.

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Irish Blog Awards 2011 Food & Drink Finalists

Irish Blog Awards 2011

The nominations were out, the shortlists were out and now the finalists have been named for the 2011 Irish Blog Awards, to be held at the Europa Hotel in Belfast on Saturday week (March 19th). I was pleasantly surprised to see Any Given Food nominated in the Best Newcomer category (and make the shortlisting following the first round of voting) but come Saturday week I’ll have my eyes firmly fixed on the Food & Drink category, with the competition there rife.

That said, two of my regular foodie reads are also in the running in the Best Newcomer category along with another blog I’ve worked on in the past (ChronicReload.com) we could see two foodie winners on the night. Here’s the food blogs that are in the final running. I’m long subscribed to all of them and reckon that they’ve all been included in a Foodie Roundup at some point so if you haven’t checked them out before, go do so now.

Best Food & Drink Blog

Best Newcomer (Food entries)

This year will be the first year that I miss out on the blog awards. I’ve been to all the awards nights in Dublin, made the trip to Cork in 2009, Galway last year (see the video above) and while new roads mean that I could get to Belfast as quick as I get to Sligo, I’ll be in the final prep, tech and dress for another show I have that opens at the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny on the 22nd.

Last year, the core theme of the Blog Awards (and running joke) was that blogging was dead – hence the video above, put together by myself and Ross Costigan as part of the introductions to various categories. But blogging, as a medium, is very much alive. The awards woudn’t exist if it wasn’t and Any Given Food surely wouldn’t be here either.

My own blogging habits have gone from the technology side of things to food (to the point where my “main” blog is feeling pretty unloved at the moment) over the past five months or so and I’m not looking back. Here’s to celebrating a fine year for Irish blogs and bloggers and onwards to another one.

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Foodie Roundup #18

Foodie Roundup #18 - February 27th to March 5th 2011

You can blame Devious Theatre for missing the Foodie Roundup last weekend, largely in part to not having the time to do any reading but having gotten back on track during the week, here’s ten blog posts from other Irish food bloggers you may have missed this past week.

If you’ve been enjoying the Foodie Roundup over the past few months and you want to suggest a link or blog I may be missing out on, feel free to drop me a line.

Happy Sunday!

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Foodie Roundup #5

Foodie Roundup #5

Foodie Roundup #5

The fifth Foodie Roundup comes from a snowy and cold Sligo (see the pic above). Seen as I’m in a reading mode this morning (there’s no hope of getting out of the house for the Sunday papers). Snuck in an extra blog post on the wrapup of the Tipperary Food Producers night with contributions from the majority of the Twitter panel on the night.

Breakfast done and dusted here at the lake, Bailey’s Cappuccino about to be broken out… Back later with some thoughts on the Food & Wine Christmas Show at the RDS from yesterday.

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Foodie Roundup #2

Foodie Roundup #2

Foodie Roundup #2 - Oct 31st to Nov 6th 2010

Now that the gourmet waffles are out of the way (pictured above) and there’s a mug of tea on the table beside me, it’s time for the second foodie roundup. In case you missed the first one (last week), check it out here.

I’ve gone through the feed reader and picked out a few posts from other Irish food bloggers for you. Have fun with their recipes, foodie tips and discover more blogs. Don’t hesitate to suggest a link or article as well, just drop me a line any stage during the week (Sunday to Saturday).

These posts span Sunday October 31st to Saturday November 6th. Grab a cup of tea and take a half hour to digest! All links will open in a new window for you.

  1. Chocolate & Honeycomb Pots via Italian Foodies
  2. Wine Blogs – Dumb & Dumber via The Grapes of Sloth
  3. Irish Tapas – Potato Cake with Smoked Salmon or Goats Cheese via TheFood.ie
  4. 15 (Well, slightly less) Minutes of Fame via A Year In Redwood
  5. Take Me To Your Mackarel via The Daily Spud
  6. Top Foods to Combat The Flu via Pembroke Health & Wellbeing
  7. Cookbook Club Review via Food Fancies
  8. Red Onion & Goats Cheese Bite… via Gimmetherecipe
  9. Building A Community: the Irish Food Bloggers Association via Bibliocook
  10. Carrot Cake! via The Fuzzy Times (one day I’ll make one of these, LOVE carrot cake)

I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to read as well so if you’ve one to suggest or have a link you want to share (or add your own to my sidebar), drop me a line. Now, I’m off in search of some new knives…

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