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Foodie Roundup #41

Foodie Roundup #41

Foodie Roundup #41 - March 4th - 10th 2012

Originally planned to come to you from the comfort of my bed in Inchydoney, I wound up dropping and thus breaking my aged MacBook Pro on Saturday evening and so Foodie Roundup comes to you a little later, back on a Windows machine for the first time in a while. Here’s hoping the repair place in Kilkenny can work their magic. Speaking of Inchydoney, I’ll have some recap posts coming Monday / Tuesday looking at the food bloggers / writers trip there this past weekend.

So, for Foodie Roundup #41, here’s ten posts from ten Irish food bloggers this past week.

Hopefully the laptop woes will be resolved tomorrow (says he panic shopping for a replacement in fear of my Macbook not recovering)



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Foodie Roundup #39

Foodie Roundup #39

Foodie Roundup #39: February 19th - 25th 2012

This week’s Foodie Roundup comes while Liverpool are currently 1-0 down to Cardiff tied 1-1 with Cardiff in the League Cup Final, as you do. Here’s ten blog posts from ten other Irish food bloggers this past week. Take a look, click and a read below – you might find something you missed.

If you can think of an Irish food blog that’s never been featured in the 390 links listed to date, maybe I’ve been missing some. Feel free to drop me a line with your link and I’ll add the blog to my reader.

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Foodie Roundup #27

Foodie Roundup #27

It’s absolutely milling rain here in Kilkenny on this Sunday morning so what better to do than take a read of Foodie Roundup #27 with ten blog posts from other Irish food bloggers that you may have missed during the week. Indeed I missed a roundup last week myself having gone away for the Bank Holiday weekend but truth be told, unless I’ve had a chance to read a lot of blogs during the week, the roundup takes a hit. I stepped up the reading during the week and came up with these…

If you’re heading out for the last day of Taste Of Dublin or anywhere else for that matter, be sure and bring an umbrella. If you get stuck, we’ve got a dozen or so in the Arts Office that you’re welcome to look at!

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Irish Foodies Cookalong: Traditional Irish

Irish Foodies Cookalongs: March brings Traditional Irish

ONCE AGAIN, the first Friday of the month has completely crept up on me. That, and the fact that I cooked enough chicken tikka last night to last a month means that I won’t be indulging in the latest Irish Foodies Cookalong which takes place today / this evening in YOUR kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a crack!

Every month, a different theme is picked with a judge or sponsor providing a prize to add that competitive edge to your Friday night cooking. The theme for this month is Traditional Irish which, according to the Facebook event, could mean anything from Tayto sandwiches to bacon and cabbage and beyond. If you’ve a good beef recipe, tonight might be a good opportunity to flex your beef and blogging muscles and get a leap on the From Plate To Page competition that Bord Bia are sponsoring.

The social cooking concept is great. Blog or tweet as you go with your cooking and for this month there’s a hashtag of #tradirish. But for the tikka it might be time to break out the family’s secret boxty recipe. That or break out the nose pegs when cooking the cabbage in bacon water… (am not the world’s biggest bacon and cabbage fan, just in case I ever end up ’round yours for dinner).

You’ll get the details on Facebook, check out the Irish Foodies Cookalongs group or follow @irecookalongs on Twitter.

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Foodie Roundup #17

Foodie Roundup #17

Foodie Roundup #17 - Feb 13th to 19th

Your latest foodie roundup comes at the much later time of Sunday evening, cruising towards Sunday night. You’d have had it this morning but for a wee challenge that requires turning a gallery space into a functioning theatre in about 24 hours. The break is on for the night but resumes first thing in the morning ahead of the arrival of Scratcher in Kilkenny.

Moving theatre aside, I’ve finally had the time to go through an ever increasing number of blogs (I do like the reading) and I’ve picked another ten posts for you this week, some you may have read, some you may have missed and some blogs you may be discovering for the first time.

Given the late nature of the post, it means I’m also working late for the night and fingers crossed in 15 minutes time there’ll be an Indian takeaway landing on the doorstep.

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Food For Romance Cookalong

Oysters - The Food Of Romance?

Ah February. The month of love. Valentine’s Day. The flashbacks to Valentine’s dinners, in, out and shaken all about. For some, it’s the one night in February where (as a couple) you’ll sit down to a special dinner together. For some, it’s the one night in the year where that will happen. Of course, you may be cooking for yourself and want to make a special meal to treat yourself. In my parents case, it will be their 30th wedding anniversary (please let me have that stat right!) and in my own case, it’s quite possible that I’ll be going to dinner dance / ball / charity fundraiser type do.

But all that is a week or so away yet.

What’s more important is that tomorrow, being the first Friday of the month, is the next Irish Foodies Cookalong and the theme for February is Food For Romance. What’s the idea behind the cookalong? It’s simple really. Get cooking, get online, share the process on Twitter or Facebook and blog your recipe at the end of it all (photos are a great help).

If you’re joining in the cooking fun, here’s a few ingredients that might come in useful tomorrow, particularly if you’re looking for a food to put you in the mood

  • Asparagus
  • Almonds
  • Avocado
  • Bananas
  • Basil
  • Chocolate
  • Eggs
  • Figs
  • Fois Gras
  • Oysters

Of course, food for romance doesn’t have to be just on Valentine’s Day, or in February. It doesn’t have to be about oysters or strawberries and champagne. It could be something a little closer to home, maybe a favourite meal shared between two people. Maybe it’s gluten and dairy free pancakes cooked so lovingly on a Sunday morning… whatever it is, if you’ve got a recipe for food romance, tomorrow is a good time to show it off.

You can join in the Irish Foodies Cookalongs through the Facebook group, follow @irecookalongs on Twitter or check the event details here.

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Foodie Roundup #2

Foodie Roundup #2

Foodie Roundup #2 - Oct 31st to Nov 6th 2010

Now that the gourmet waffles are out of the way (pictured above) and there’s a mug of tea on the table beside me, it’s time for the second foodie roundup. In case you missed the first one (last week), check it out here.

I’ve gone through the feed reader and picked out a few posts from other Irish food bloggers for you. Have fun with their recipes, foodie tips and discover more blogs. Don’t hesitate to suggest a link or article as well, just drop me a line any stage during the week (Sunday to Saturday).

These posts span Sunday October 31st to Saturday November 6th. Grab a cup of tea and take a half hour to digest! All links will open in a new window for you.

  1. Chocolate & Honeycomb Pots via Italian Foodies
  2. Wine Blogs – Dumb & Dumber via The Grapes of Sloth
  3. Irish Tapas – Potato Cake with Smoked Salmon or Goats Cheese via TheFood.ie
  4. 15 (Well, slightly less) Minutes of Fame via A Year In Redwood
  5. Take Me To Your Mackarel via The Daily Spud
  6. Top Foods to Combat The Flu via Pembroke Health & Wellbeing
  7. Cookbook Club Review via Food Fancies
  8. Red Onion & Goats Cheese Bite… via Gimmetherecipe
  9. Building A Community: the Irish Food Bloggers Association via Bibliocook
  10. Carrot Cake! via The Fuzzy Times (one day I’ll make one of these, LOVE carrot cake)

I’m always on the lookout for new blogs to read as well so if you’ve one to suggest or have a link you want to share (or add your own to my sidebar), drop me a line. Now, I’m off in search of some new knives…

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November’s Irish Foodies Cookalong (Winter Warmers)

Winter Warmers?

Steak, Blue Cheese and Veg to warm the soul?

If the weather this past week is anything to go by, it’s safe to say that winter is definitely upon us. It’s fitting so, that the theme for the November Irish Foodies Cookalong is Winter Warmers. For the first friday of every month, a different theme is chosen for you to cook around. You can blog your dish, tweet your dish, video your dish, and then post the links over at the Irish Foodies Cookalongs Facebook Group. Each month sees a judge or sponsor choose their favourite entry, donating a prize of some description to add a bit of fun to proceedings.

Tonight is the first Friday of November which means tonight is the Irish Foodies Cookalong night. If you’re doing any live tweeting of your own cooking, it looks like #winterwarmers is the hashtag going around since this morning.

Judges for this month’s cookalong are Cully & Sully which ups the ante for some guessing there may also be a few foodies involved in the Chef Factor competition. If restaurant plans fall through this evening I’ll be joining in, for the craic. There were a few of us doing something similar two years back between Twitter and blogs dubbed Sunday Dinner 2.0 (blog and tweet about your Sunday cooking, get the pics up on Flickr) so it would be good to get in on the social cooking side of things again.

I’ve got an idea for a winter warming dish (hoping that my mother won’t mind some recipe “inspiration” for the starter) that could burn a hole in a plate, never mind warm the bones, but I’ll get around to cooking it whether tonight or next weekend.

I don’t think there’s any apparant kick off time, just get to cooking, under the theme, get the tweets / blogs / photos up online and cross the fingers! Check the Facebook group here.

PS: The winter warmer dish won’t include fillet steak or blue cheese but by God does it warm the soul!

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