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Food Packaging: Avonmore introduce ‘One Twist’ cartons to the market

Avonmore launch new milk cartons

Kyle Moloney (aged 5) Kate Cepeda (aged 6) and Matthew MacDougald (aged 8) at the launch of Avonmore’s new milk carton.Pic: Marc O’Sullivan

Avonmore, only around the corner from the office here, have followed on from their launch in recent months of their Protein Milk by launching a new ‘Elopak’ milk carton for the Irish market. The logic behind the cartons is in making them easier to open, with a better pour and better flatpacking when it comes to recycling. As a daily milk drinker, admittedly I’m not a fan of the small caps on top of the current cartons (especially when you had the cap, then the plastic pull on the inside). Continue Reading →

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Say Hello To Chocolate Philadelphia

Giving Nutella and other choclate spreads a run for their money, Philadelphia is now available in a chocolate variety. Perfect for pancakes?

It was bound to happen. Somewhere in some office at Kraft HQ, someone was thinking that Philadelphia could and should be blended together. Then Kraft buy Cadbury’s. Then the cheese maker really met the chocolate maker. As the four of us in Chez McGuire huddle around the monitor this evening we can’t help but drool at the prospects of Philadelphia with Cadbury, announced today by Kraft and hitting supermarkets in Ireland in the next week or so. Chocolate cheesecake is definitely on the menu for February now, with is in some contradiction to my claims only minutes ago on kenmcguire.ie that I’m getting back in the saddle for spring training.

The new Philadelphia with Cadbury (which may wind up giving Nutella a serious run for its money here given the childhood-led loyalty to Philadelphia) ships in 160g tubs and 4x30g minitubs and packs 86 calories per serving running with less sugar and less than half the fat of other chocolate spreads on the market at present. Read on for more photos and a look at the new packaging. Here’s hoping it tastes as good as it looks.

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Foodie Roundup #37

Foodie Roundup 37

Foodie Roundup 37 - A selection of posts from other Irish food bloggers between October 2nd and October 8th 2011.

Without even a word of a warning, Sunday is upon us all over again which means it’s time for another Foodie Roundup. Here’s ten blog posts from other Irish food bloggers that you may have missed this past week. If you’ve got a new blog to suggest, drop me a line (ken@anygivenfood.com) or find me on Twitter at @anygivenfood.

So there you go. Take fifteen minutes out for yourself and explore what other Irish food bloggers have to offer. If you’re free on the October Bank Holiday Weekend, you may even find some of them at Foodcamp in Kilkenny as part of the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival. You can register for Foodcamp here (it’s free).

I’m off to fire on the coffee so enjoy your Sunday!

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Foodie Roundup #19

Foodie Roundup #19 - March 6th-12th 2011

We’re cruising into Sunday afternoon, one eventful week, one disaster-filled weekend later and there’s another week on the way. Having caught up on the reading of more Irish food blogs than one can shake a stick at, here’s your 19th Foodie Roundup featuring ten standout posts and recipes to whet your appetite.

Pictured above is breakfast from this morning, a full Irish at the Marble City Bar in Kilkenny. Nine euro gets you all the above plus tea/coffee and an orange juice. The weekend treat at what’s nearly the mid-point in this 30-day detox. Can you really have a full Irish breakfast if you’re supposed to be detoxing? After two weeks of no sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks, crisps and red meat, it can’t be all that bad? I’ll be the one drinking peppermint tea in the corner for the rest of the week.

Happy Sunday y’all.

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