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Foodie Roundup #35

Foodie Roundup #35

Foodie Roundup #35 - September 18th to 24th. The photo above is the Duck Terrine starter from Source Sligo, you'll find it on my Foodspotting profile.

Today’s Foodie Roundup, the 35th overall, comes to you between a head cold and the Ireland v Russia game in the Rugby World Cup. We’ve got the bonus point anyway if you’re reading this very early, so that’s the main thing. Anywhoo, here’s ten blog posts from other Irish food bloggers that you may have missed this past week.

Going back to the headcold, likely something I picked up on the bike having cycled from Kilkenny to Sligo this weekend (Kilkenny to Athlone on Friday, Athlone to Sligo yesterday), if anyone has any suggestions for fixes or remedies, I’ve a press here full of garlic, honey, random herbs, spirits, the lot. Will end up playing a right witch doctor later on to clear my head and chest.

Hope your Sunday isn’t as bunged up as mine!

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Changing My Online Food Shopping Ways

Online Food Shopping - Changing My Ways?

Online Food Shopping - Changing My Ways?

I’ve changed my online food shopping habits. I’ve written a once or twice on kenmc.com about online food shopping and since I started doing the main weekly shop online, I found myself ordering everything, the cereals, vegetables, sauces, the whole lot. I’ve got no memory of buying any frozen food since I began online shopping in January.

However, despite a great start to the year which saw me cut the cost of a fortnightly shop (yes, food enough for two weeks) to around 50 euro, I’ve drifted. First, the vegetable orders have come down. Not for the lack of eating them, but I find that I feel better about walking into the supermarket (or market) and picking out the vegetables I want, not what someone picks off the shelf for me. It’s not that I don’t trust the supermarket to deliver good quality and fresh vegetables, but I’m starting to take a great pleasure in picking the right looking vegetables for a meal. I’ve also become more concerned with display dates and best-before dates for bagged vegetables or pre-packed (fresh) stir fry mixes though the latter seems to be more of a non-runner of late as I find myself more au fait with prepping my own veg.

At home, we’re also making an effort to start buying more local produce as well, something that, for the the moment anyway, can’t be sourced online.

Originally intended as a major timesaver, the more I cook at home (something that has exploded in the past couple of weeks to the point where I’m the butt of plenty of passing chef jokes) the more I find I’m making that time again for the supermarket trip, initially for the vegetables but I’m trying to draw a line to stop it going further than that. After all, the main reason for me shopping online and instigating the reduction in the weekly and fortnightly budget was the curb the impulse buying, something I’m a fiend for when it comes to food shopping. At least there’s a bit of a disconnect when looking at packet photos online as opposed to strolling the aisles in the supermarket.

The local supermark too (SuperValu) have upped their game in recent months with wide rotating offers on dinner sets, meats, mix and match vegetables and more, making it more tempting to sway from splitting the shopping to doing it all under the one roof, though how much I get caught for on the cost side of things remains to be seen.

All of this doesn’t mean a complete removal of online shopping for me, more noticing a change in direction the more I cook and plan fresh meals for home. It’s still very much a timesaver – a half hour spent online organising the weekly or fortnightly shop is well spent in comparison to driving to town, finding a parking spot, getting a trolley, battling the aisles in the supermarket (sheer frustration in shopping for the Italian dinner on Saturday afternoon – why do people have to stop and talk with trolleys blocking the aisle, just as bad as it happening on the road), queuing, dumping the shopping in the car, working through traffic to get home… you can see where this is going. Plus you’ve got the advatange of stored shopping lists, repeat orders, all that kind of thing. There’s been a definite sway in the online food shopping side of things for me, but maybe that’s supposed to happen when you focus more on the fresh meals side of things instead of your off-the-shelf pasta sauce or packet soup…

What do you reckon? Are you happier doing your food shop all in the one place or do you find that you split the shop to a main shop and a separate vegetable shop? Is it a cost thing? Is anyone in a similar position regarding online shopping?

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