Tutored Wine Tastings In Kilkenny

Le Caveau
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Le Caveau

Le Caveau

I picked up a few bottles of wine for herself’s family in the run in to Christmas with Le Caveau at Market Yard in Kilkenny the choice for the Christmas wine shop. It’s long a favourite of my grandfather who had informed me the same day that he was well stocked for the winter after a trip to his favourite wine haunt. Browsing, shopping, chatting and picking up leaflets (if there’s material to read in a shop you can be sure I’m coming home with it), I spotted that they’re running tutored wine tastings through 2011, having already gotten underway with one earlier this month.

Hosted by proprietor Pascal Rossignol, the wine tasting evenings are designed to get you learning about wine regions, wingrowers and their methods, and to get you familiar with “well-known and lesser-known grape varieties”. The emphasis is on naturally-made wines and organically-managed vineyeards. Relaxed, unstuff and informative evenings!

I’ve counted six evenings for the calendar for 2011 which looks as follows:

  • The Rhone Valley (January 19th)
    A stroll through the Rohone, its vineyards and winegrowers. Taste 8 wines from the main appelations.
  • Northern Italy (March 9th)
    Sample 8 brilliant wines from Alto Adige, Veneto, Piemonte and Tuscany.
  • Southern and Central Italy (May 11th)
    Sampling 8 wines from Abruzzo, Sicily, Sardegna, Marche and Campania.
  • Alsace and the Loire Valley (June 15th)
    Sampling 8 wines from Alsace and Loire Valley (northern France)
  • The New Spain (September 21st)
    Showcasing 8 wines from upcoming wine regions and new-wave winemakers.
  • Terroirs of Burgundy (November 8th)
    Sampling 8 wines that will help understand and hopefully de-mystify this great region.

Each of the dates listed above is a Wednesday, they all start at 7pm, taking place in the function room at Bollard’s on Kieran Street(just off Market Yard) and each night costs €20. I don’t know if there’s a discount in signing up for every class in advance though I’m sure there’s no harm in asking. If you are interested, boopkings can be made through the shop at Le Caveau, Market Year, Kilkenny, by phone on 056-7725166, emaiul to orders@lecaveau.ie or via their website at LeCaveau.ie.

Written by Ken McGuire

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