Veg Fest In Cork This Saturday

Local Produce
If you love your vegetables then mark World Vegetarian Day on October 1st with the first VegFest in Cork.

LOVE VEGETABLES? Then VegFest in Cork, a collaboration between Dee’s Wholefoods and Electric Cork on World Vegetarian Day, this coming Saturday, should be right up your street.

What’s In Store

  • Electric Cork will be showcasing their fantastic veggie menu with fantastic taster plates and samples of The Exclusive VegFest Cocktail.
  • John Conway from The Hollies in West Cork will give a talk on sustainable living and ecological gardening at 3pm.
  • >Sugar Moon Vegan Cakes will be showcasing their yummy treats -Lemon cupcakes with lavender, agave and cream cheese icing anyone? – Sugar Moon Vegan Cakes have had to pull out (or so says an update on their facebook page)

There’s also plenty of food, music and craic on the agenda.

It runs from 2pm to 6pm at Electric Cork on South Mall and you can sign up for free (limited) tickets here.

  • Dee

    Thank you Ken!

    • Ken McGuire

      Most welcome. Hope you get the weather for it (or at least for the outdoor parts!)

  • Michelle Hunt (PeachyPalate)

    I wish I could make it down to Cork this weekend! Bring be back a big basket of veggies! Dun Laoghaire Market will have to do…

    • Ken McGuire

      Won’t make it down myself with everything else on in Kilkenny this weekend but no doubt with the support in Cork it will be a solid event.

  • Dominor Novus

    The bullet point about the Sugar Moon Vegan Cakes is confusing. Why would vegan be eating cupcakes with cream cheese icing?

    • Ken McGuire

      Is there a cream cheese icing with them?

  • Alan james

    Hey Ken, what do you think your chances are on winning the Dennis cotter book on kitchen hero comp.

    • Ken McGuire

      Hey Alan,

      At the moment I’d say 43/1 😉


      • Alan james

        Yes ken,Exactly the same as my odds then. How was the tapas party, anything nice on the menu.

        • Ken McGuire

          Went quite well thanks. Chorizo cooked in red wine, chicken wings, roast med veg, bombay potatoes, sag aloo, Donal Skehan’s Asian pork lettuce cups, chicken skewers in soy and lime, various breads, cheese and cold meats, a veg stew and a rice dish with fried bacon, broccoli, peppers and pine nuts. That’s the bulk of the menu. A few desserts then, carrot cake cupcakes, brownies, peanut butter and chocolate cookies… was a pretty solid feast in fairness :)

          • Alan james

            Ken,I was just thinking of what you could have made with the left overs of your tapas party, jambalaya,samosas,panzanella,soup and a fried rice dish. What do you think,

  • Dee

    Hi Everyone – Sugar Moon make a vegan cream cheese I should have written it “cream cheese”!

    They point is crossed out as they were unable to attend, but featured on the original press release.

    We had a ball and hope to make it even bigger next year!

    Thanks for the support, Dee

    • Ken McGuire

      Hey Dee, glad to hear it went well. roll on next year!