Wild Harvest, Shifting and a 22 Day Detox

Pizza Connection
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Pizza Connection

Pizza Connection - A Guilty Pizza Pleasure

FORGIVE ME father, it’s been a few weeks since my last blog post. I’ve allowed work, the theatre, a magazine, more theatre, more work, music and even more work to consume me. A lot of which I’ve managed to lay to rest in the past week, much to my delight. In fact, you know it’s been a too long between posts on the blog when your mother checks in with you on Facebook asking where your Foodie Roundup is. Thankfully, it will be back again on Sunday morning, right where it should be. No point rounding things up when you haven’t had the opportunity to read them in the first place.

So, while I catch up with myself and the blog and put myself on track, here’s a few things that have happened in the past 2-3 weeks. Also, while I missed, completely, So Sligo, I’m aiming to make amends by taking a spin to the Waterford Food Festival next week. If you’re heading that way, let me know.

I Finished A 30-Day Detox

I lie. Well, kind of. It turned into a 22.5 day detox. No beer, no chocolate, no crisps, plenty of water, plenty of green tea, a pound dropped here there and everywhere. Then Wild Harvest kicked in, a show I was doing with Watergate Productions. Office by day, theatre by night, bridged by a takeaway and topped off with a pint. Or two. For five nights. Ruined.

I kickstarted my home cooking

As a result of long hours in the offices – I’m splitting time between my own office on the edge of town and a temporary office in town – my home cooking has suffered something fierce and Wong’s Deli on John Street will have me broke before the year is out. So I made a promise that for April, I would cook something – anything – no matter how simple or technical, to get my cooking back on track. So far, it’s working and last night the cast of Shifting that were hanging out in the kitchen between scenes devoured a spicy tomato and chorizo pasta dish I had whipped up for dinner.

I Signed Up For A Charity Cycle

I’m back on the bike, in a big way. Or at least three days a week knocking out 20 miles a day. This June Bank Holiday weekend I’m off to Cork, cycling back to Kilkenny with a gang from the “old neighbourhood” (hell, I still live there but most of the others have come and gone from it). It’s a fundraiser for the Chernobyl Children’s Project but I’ll have more about that in another post. The week of Wild Harvest virtually undid everything the previous 22.5 days had achieved so it’s time to knock myself into shape and raise some money for a good cause in the process.

I Returned To Podcasting

I’m back behind a mic and I’m producing a new music podcast that gets released every Sunday evening. It’s called Indie Switch and each Sunday you get six new bands, leading to a free downloads and music videos across the blog (IndieSwitch.com). In a former life I won Best Podcaster at the Irish Web Awards for the Playlist Mix. That show started on March 25th 2007 so it was fitting to start Indie Switch on March 25th 2011. We’ll see how it goes. It’s 30 minutes, give or take, and aims to help you discover new music albeit largely driven from my own wide taste in music. Still, you never know what gems you might find in there.

I’m Producing Another Show

Shifting, with The Devious Theatre Company, owns my evenings for the next few weeks as the new class of Devious Theatre take to the stage in an original comedy about making the first move (in more ways than one). If you find yourself in Kilkenny, the show runs at Kilkenny Arts Office, 76 John Street, Kilkenny from April 18th – 23rd. You can buy tickets online or find out more at DeviousTheatre.com.

Written by Ken McGuire

Writes and talks a lot about food, spending way too much time in the kitchen or behind the lens taking photos. Digital Media Specialist by day, broadcaster by night, living in Kilkenny with Mrs. Any Given Food and two crazy rescue hounds.