Winding Down 2014, Ramping Up 2015

Meet The Roasters, Biabeag's coffee roasters event. Photo by Ken McGuire.
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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

Well, that was a quick year.

Honestly, 2014 has to be one of the quickest years I’ve ever experienced. It’s been a food-filled, pants-expanding kind of year that’s been packed with some huge changes in love, life, business and writing.

Kicking Off With A Bang

2014 was always going to kick off with a bang when Ms. Any Given Food became Mrs. Any Given Food on 4 January and things kind of snowballed from there. I think getting married put a different perspective on all things work and play, the former overruling the latter on many occasions which should be a lot better balanced in 2015.

Married life has brought with it an ton of fun meals out (something we’ve always enjoyed) but also a huge increase in home cooking, with Mrs. Any Given Food also finding her bakers touch, turning out a wild array of cakes and treats which have contributed to that pants-expanding feel to the year.

Getting Out And About

2014 was a great year for events. The second coming of Ballymaloe Litfest was just as good as the first, the Biabeag events in Kilkenny drew many a food lover to the Marble City, I managed some restaurant & hotel trips, cooking nights, festivals and more.

Not enough as I would have liked, but certainly enough to satisfy the cravings.

Slowing Down

Looking back at the Any Given Food archives for 2014, things notably slowed down around August 2014, which is the point in the year where work ramped up. The Kilkenny Arts Festival was kicking off, So Kilkenny had its soft launch which meant rather than sitting at restaurants I was on the sidelines of matches, covering local news, filming gigs, writing more articles in four months about Kilkenny and its going ons than I had about food all year.

Couple a trip to the Dublin Fringe Festival with Devious Theatre in September in with producing a 20-part radio comedy series (due for broadcast early 2015) and a return to the stage with War Of Attrition throughout December and the latter stages of the year meant taking the foot off a lot of things food related and in particular, Any Given Food.

All of that too before the day job took off at a rate of knots into the end of the year.

Moving Into 2015

Moving into 2015, however, and the diary is already filling up with food events. So Kilkenny is under control with a team behind it, and while I’ve plenty enough planned out for Any Given Food and food writing in 2015, I’m also commencing work on another publication in January, more on that in due course.

I’ll be out and about with the camera and recording gear in 2015 again for the next round of Biabeag events and after producing a small number of food-related podcasts during 2014, I should be starting the 2015 series of podcasts off again in February combining food chats and recordings from food events.

I’m pretty sure that Any Given Food turns five in 2015 as well so it will be good to be on game and more focused on food writing. You can just hear the resolutions starting to creep out of me now…

Finally, A Thanks

At the end of it all, we’re drawing a line under 2014 and I think if there was ever a year of transition on all fronts for me, it was this one.

Thanks to all who’ve made contact on all matters food over the course of 2014 and wherever you go and whatever you do in 2015, may you knock the hell out of it.

I know I will.

Written by Ken McGuire
Writes and talks a lot about food, spending way too much time in the kitchen or behind the lens taking photos. Digital Media Specialist by day, broadcaster by night, living in Kilkenny with Mrs. Any Given Food and two crazy rescue hounds.